Biden says’’ It’s not my fault no one has gotten the vaccine.


The Pandemic has surrounded the US and each day 1500 people are dying. With more than 100,000 Americans have been hospitalized and the number of deaths due to covid-19 has reached 6, 53000 till date.

Influenza that had come in America in 1918, the current pandemic is more dangerous than that. President Joe Biden was much angry at the unvaccinated persons, who have not taken the dose of Vaccine yet.” We have been patient, but our patience is wearing thin” and your refusal of the vaccine has cost all of us, US President added.

Biden has a new six-prong strategy to deal with the virus. President directed the Labor to vaccinate the unvaccinated and ensure that no person should be remaining from the process of Vaccine. He directed the authorities that the school should be open with no further delay.

The defence production act will be used to accelerate the production of the rapid tests, said Biden. It came like a brush fire.

 Among recent infections, more than a quarter was children. Biden said, regular testing if done right, could not only diagnose people who feel sick, it could also stop the speed and spread of the pandemic, Biden added.

No one feels like they can trust on our government, said the president. It’s not my fault, no one is wearing mask. It’s not my fault that no has gotten the vaccine.