Global Communication Event “Daka China – Jinhua, A Golden Hub of BRI” kicks off with warm greetings


A global communication event for the international community to better approach the cooperative spirit of the “Belt and Road Initiative” (BRI) and the significance of East China’s Zhejiang Province to the BRI and globalization was held from 6th to 7th in Jinhua, the most important node of Zhejiang stretching out towards the BRI.

The theme of the event is “Jinhua, A Global Hub of BRI”, showcasing the vital position of Jinhua to the scenario of BRI as well as Zhejiang’s active engagement in promoting globalization and cross-cultural communication in an all-round manner.

The event has brought together nearly 100 journalists, government information officers, and social media influencers from countries along the BRI. It was the 2nd grand event in the series of the brand new “Daka China” Global Communication Event, a flagship global communication project by Zhejiang Daily Media Convergence Technology Co., Ltd., one of China’s leading companies focusing on media convergence and digitization.

On the opening ceremony, participants enjoyed the opening remarks and a series of keynote speeches delivered by social media influencers and government information officers from Jinhua City and Zhejiang Province. In their keynote speeches, Ammar Albadani from Yemen and Martina from Slovakia shared their own feelings of and impressions on Zhejiang and Jinhua in particular as well as their own perspectives on the future of international communication.

After the opening ceremony, all the attendees of the event took a group tour around inside the Jinhua City and visited a few well-known scenic spots, including the Hengdian World Studios, the world’s largest film & TV base;Yiwu International Trade City, the largest wholesale market across the globe, and so forth. Moreover, the attendees have also experienced a few authentic folk cultures of Jinhua, such as the Wu opera, a traditional folk opera of Jinhua City.

In the break-out sessions, participants took the opportunity to network and share their experiences of living and travelling in Zhejiang and Jinhua.