Press release of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran Regarding the assassination of Martyr Mohsen Fakhrizadeh


2020-11-30 (GNP): Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, head of the Research and Innovation Organization of the Ministry of Defense of the Islamic Republic of Iran, was targeted and martyred in a terrorist attack in Tehran province on Friday evening, November 27th 2020. He was an official of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and his assassination is a clear violation of international law, contrary to the UN Charter and internationally recognized laws and norms. Along with him, some other citizens of the Islamic Republic of Iran have been martyred or wounded, which in turn, turns this attack into an act against human rights and a violation of the right to life.

The traces of the terrorist and criminal Zionist regime (of Israel) are evident in this cowardly assassination, and any legal responsibility for this assassination will fall on this regime and its allies. This assassination is part of a series of assassinations carried out by the Zionist regime in Iran and in the region, and is therefore considered state terrorism.
All countries, especially those claiming to defend human rights and fight against terrorism, are expected to respond appropriately to this terrorist act.

The Islamic Republic calls on the international community – especially the officials of the European Union and the European capitals – to end their double standards and to condemn and deal with this state terrorist act in a transparent manner. This assassination shows that the enemies of diplomacy are living in anxious days and intend to endanger world peace and security by disturbing the region.

An important goal of the US-Israeli militants and their regional partners is to impose an extra-ordinary condition in the Middle East in order to achieve their sinister goals.

The Islamic Republic of Iran reserves the right to respond to this crime and to punish the perpetrators while being aware of the conspiracies of the enemies of peace, stability and security in the region and the world.
If a government or an individual thinks that he can use the means of terror to prevent Iran’s progress and advancement in the path of science, knowledge and technology, his ideas are completely wrong. Efforts to progress and succeed in all scientific fields will continue with vigor and speed.

The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, while condemning this criminal assassination, calls on all governments and free and truth-seeking individuals to raise their voices in opposition to this barbaric act and do not let the enemies of Islam and Muslims block the way for the development and prosperity of the countries in the region with these assassinations. Everyone should be aware of the dangerous consequences of such moves in this area. The failure of the enemies in their sinister plan to create insecurity and instability in this region is possible only through the coordinated and sympathetic action of the countries of the region against the enemies.