Biden Presidency

By Shaikh Moazzam Khan


By Shaikh Moazzam Khan

It’s official. Trump is gone. Americans have given their verdict in favor of former Vice President and Democrats Joe Biden. All opinions, surveys, media reports and predictions have proved right with the defeat of United States President Donald Trump. With Biden’s thumping victory, President Trump and some of his republican fellows have refused to concede defeat and urged incumbent republican President to fight legal battle against Biden. Since the victory of Biden, President Trump maintained that the frauds are being committed in the counting of votes. He has announced to move to US Supreme Court to challenge the result of elections where his rival Biden has defeated him with narrow margin.

In addition to this, the Trump campaign administration has filed various lawsuit in different states and urged the court to halt the counting process. But, all these lawsuit seems unrealistic as courts are rejecting these lawsuits. President Trump’s claims of fraud are being denounced by his own party colleagues. He, however, is stick to his earlier stance and refused to accept Biden as his successor. It is pertinent to mention here that, with the victory of Biden, the rise of populism and white supremacism has die downed. Americans have buried this narrative of hate and divide.

With Biden taking charge of assembling his upcoming administration, President Donald Trump’s inner circle is beginning to split over his ongoing refusal to accept the results of the 2020 election, as Jared Kushner and first lady Melania Trump advised him to come to terms with President-elect Joe Biden’s victory and his adult sons pressed him and allies to keep fighting. This, however, is not likely to give any benefit to Trump due to the authenticity of his claims regarding the fraud. So, this time around, its batter for the US President to concede his defeat and extend his felicitations to President elect Joe Biden. This is in the favor of entire US and world as well. If President refused to accept Biden as his successor, the civil war like situation may arise in the US which will surely have spillover effects on the entire world not only US.

Likewise, the world seems happy and satisfied with the end of Trumpism. The felicitations are pouring in as world leaders are congratulating President Elect Joe Biden. With the victory of Biden, US policies are likely to be stable and predictable. The sane, multilateral and global approach of Biden is likely to have positive implications for the entire world as the President Elect has also already announced to use executive orders to revoke Trump’s unilateral actions and admission of US back to major international pacts which Washington had signed under the Obama administration. Biden has said that he will return to Iran Nuclear Deal globally known as Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Paris Climate Accord 2015, American admission to WTO and NATO. Iranian government US’ NATO allies are optimistic about the Biden presidency. If Biden go by his commitments, a new era in the globalizations is likely to usher. The world will see more sensibility and predictability in US policy.

Biden administration will have to deal with various challenges as well especially dealing with Covid-19 pandemic. On many occasions, Biden urged US citizens to follow SOPs and wearing mask in public. Another challenge before Biden administration is how to deal with China and Russia. Like, in under Trump administration, US support for India increased against China. Both countries are on the same page whenever it comes to deal with China. Both considered China as a threat to their hegemony in this region. Some experts say that Biden administration will follow the Trump policy while some say he will reshape American policy towards South Asia and China.

Some Arab states and Israeli government seems unhappy with the victory of Biden over incumbent Trump. As per reports in media, Arab states were expecting Trump victory. But, Biden’s victory put them in difficult time how to deal with the new leader in White House. President elect Biden is strong believer of Human Rights across the world. In the past, he urged the world to hold Saudi leadership responsible for the brutal murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Saudi Consulate Istanbul back in Oct 2018. He directly blamed Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman responsible for the murder. On the other hand, Israeli government also preparing for post-Trump world. In addition to this, Biden will deal in a more sensible way than Trump while dealing with Russia and China.

Likewise, when we talk about Pakistani interests and expectations, under Biden presidency, Pakistan will get more benefits unlike incumbent Trump’s approach. Despite having personal bonhomie with PM Imran Khan, President Trump not extended any major incentive to Pakistan. Unlike him, Biden knows Pakistan very well and visited Islamabad when he was Vice President of US under Obama. After acknowledging his services, Pakistan government had decided to confer Pakistan’s highest civil award ‘Nishan e Pakistan’ upon him. Biden has given economic benefits to Pakistan under Obama presidency. He was the architecture of Kerry Loger Bill which extended billions of dollars to Pakistan in the shape of US aid.

During his election campaign, both Biden and his Vice President Kamala Harris criticized Indian government for imposing lockdown in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Both have urged Indian government to provide basic rights to the people of Kashmir. This approach, if continues, will give Pakistan more edge while reiterating its stance on the issue of Kashmir. In a nutshell, Biden presidency is likely to have positive outcomes for Pakistan. Let’s see how this will go.