Tips to Survive University in Pakistan

Muhammad Fahim


University Life is extremely different and demanding as compared to high school. Most of the students embarking on their higher studies at Universities are barely 18 or 19 years old. They are not mature and experienced enough to handle situations without proper guidance and supervision of elder, loved ones, parents, and teachers. Personally, I have learned and experienced a lot throughout my graduation journey through the hard way. Thus, this short and crisp article aims to share my experience with students embarking on their higher studies or prospective students to help them avoid mistakes I have done during my University life. The following are a few essential tips students need to follow in order to successfully survive their four-year-long stay at University.

Research skills and Extensive Reading

Normally during high school, teachers spoon-feed knowledge and information to their students. This helps students to survive during their school life without putting their brains into the research and analysis process. However, this gets completely change in University. Professor’s job is not to spoon-feed you but to just provide his/her supervision and guidance to keep you on track and help you understand your work. There will be extensive research and analysis work during your higher studies and you will be required to complete your thesis towards the very end of your degree. Therefore, you really need to develop research and analysis skills.

There are two ways to work on the above-said skills. Either you will have to learn these skills during your high school last year or the first year of your University. it is better to work on a research project under your teacher supervision during your high school last year but if you are already done with your high school and preparing to embark on your University life, than its better to start working on the above-said skills as soon as you can. If your school or University offers a research learning course, you must pick it up. However, if the answer is negative than conceive an idea, pick a topic of your interest and start an independent project under your professor’s supervision. This will come very handy during your thesis project.
Reading books, watching news and documentaries regularly will develop and enhance your knowledge. Without enriching your mind with information and knowledge, you will never be able to become a good researcher or build analytical skills. This is extremely important for your bright and successful life not only academically but professionally as well.

Build a Bond with your Professors

Your entire University life will revolve around your professors. So, never ever quarrel with your teachers. They can really make you or break you. If you have a cordial relationship with your professors, they will give you an extra helping hand academically. You won’t have to encounter any difficulty during your projects or finding a supervisor. Their reference letters will get you either a handsome job or pave the way to clinch admission at your dream postgrad institution for further studies.
Always be attentive in their classes. Indulge yourself in academic and course-related discussions. Never remain silent or seems clueless during class discussions. This will give you a distinct place in the eyes of your professors. (Note: I am not recommending flattery or take favors from your professors. Building a bond with your professor should solely be professional)

Socialize with the Right Ones

Socializing is good, but never over-socializes. Similarly, socializing with the right ones is as important as your studies itself. Befriending with loafers is injurious to your academic life, mental health, social life, and professional growth. Attach yourself with the smart and hardworking ones. This might sound judgmental but believe me, you will regret your decision later in your life if you overlooked these tips unless you are a superhuman. So, heed attention and discipline yourself for the greater good of your career and loved ones.
In the very early days of your University life, scan your entire batch of students. Identify the smart and hardworking ones. Make them friends, and spend time with them. Don’t ruin your life in gossips with the none-serious and lazy ones. Trust me! You are not in a movie, it is real life and it’s extremely challenging. I might sound like your mother, but this is the only way forward.

Refrain from Falling In Love

Students of subcontinents normally envisage University life as colorful and full of fun as in the Bollywood movies. Trust me! It’s very different from the movies. Students at this age are immature and inexperienced. Thus, students really need to pay attention to their parents’ and elder’s advice and focus on their academic and professional careers only. Never fall in love at this stage of your life. You will have plenty of time for such activities later. Falling in love at this juncture of your life will only waste your precious time and will negatively impact your performance. Again, exceptions are always there but what you are reading in this article applies to the majority of the humane race.