Defense Day 6th September

By Shaikh Moazzam Khan


By Shaikh Moazzam Khan

The world is facing severe economic, health and other issues. In this situation every country is trying to protect its population, national interests and cultural values. No country can fight these challenges alone in current environment. Pakistan, with its limited resources, putting all its efforts in the field to accomplish these objectives. However, few countries are trying to malign Pakistan’s soft-image by linking it with negative things. To counter this mounting anti-Pakistan propaganda, the armed forces of the country are tirelessly working to counter this propaganda.

India is the spoiler of peace in this region. Under the leadership of Narendra Modi government, India is heading towards the path of self-destruction due to the nationalist designs. India has border dispute with all its neighbors currently. To accomplish the dream of Akhand Bharat (United India), Modi government is going all out for the further expansions of Hindutva ideology. This ideology is the backbone of all sins which India has committed in the past and present especially against Pakistan.

Pakistan and India have known each other since long. Indian armed forces always played a role of backstabber while dealing with Pakistan. But, Pakistani armed forces always replied India in its tone and aggression. Since the partition of sub-continent back in 1947, Indian government used every illegal and illegitimate mean to put blame on Pakistan whatever negative incident occurs in the region. Pakistani side responded with practical demonstrations.

Both countries have had long history of border skirmishes and full-fledge wars. Indian side-initiated attacks against Pakistan first. Similarly, Pakistan Armed Forces not only repulsed Indian attacks, they also won all unconventional conflicts against India despite limited resources as compare to India. Unfortunately, India never learnt a lesson from its defeat. Every time Pakistan asked India to push for peace rather than aggressions. Indian armed forces persistently trying to initiate false flag operation against Pakistan, which they couldn’t get.

The history of wars between India and Pakistan shows that Islamabad won all wars against India in the past. Pakistan forces fought valiantly against the India and proved that they are the best for a reason. Army, Navy and Air Force, all have shown their capabilities while defeating India. For example, in 1965, India attacked Pakistan and declared war later on. Pakistani forces bravely fought against India and completely pushed its Indian troops back and won the war. Thousands of Indian troops were killed and captured by Pakistan. Later on, Pakistan asked India for dialogue to resolve all outstanding issues. This Pakistani behavior shows its commitment to engage India for peace. But, Indian side never accepted Pakistan’s peaceful gestures.
Likewise, Indian side used every international and regional forum to get Pakistan defamed. In this regard, all its efforts remain unsuccessful. Pakistani government and armed forces rebut every Indian illegal intention.

The armed forces of the country are ready and prepared to deal with any misadventure by India. At Line of Control, Pakistan Army is giving befitting reply to Indian ceasefire violations. The valor of the armed forces is before us. Entire country acknowledges forces’ sacrifices while protecting the homeland. To remember martyrs of forces, Pakistan observes 6th September as Defense Day. On this day back in 1965, Pakistani forces repulsed Indian attacks and replied in befitting way. Pakistan Air Force’s hero MM Alam destroyed five Indian fighter aircraft in a dogfight, which is a world record. The stories of Pakistani forces’ valor are now in the books of history. International historians have written various books and articles on Pakistan’s valor and spirit.

This is the major reason why Pakistani people loves its armed forces. Government is providing moral, political and financial support to armed forces. Defense Day reminds us of historical achievements of Pakistani armed forces which they accomplished to protect the territorial integrity of the country. Every single citizen of the country pays tributes to the martyrs. And Pakistani armed forces never disappointed its government and people. They are the best defenders in the world. As long as they are there, no country can harm our national interests. Our forces know how, where and when to respond any foreign aggression. Pakistani Armed Forces are preacher of international and regional peace. They don’t believe in aggression until provoked by enemies. But if provoked, then they respond in that way. In case of any aggression, our government and people stand shoulder to shoulder with them.