Indian Spying Games

By Shaikh Moazzam Khan


By Shaikh Moazzam Khan

Intelligence is pivotal but horrible tool to collect information from other country or person for the national interests of any country. The countries and their intelligence services used these intelligence, which they gathered from clandestine activities, to accomplish their strategic, political and economic objectives, Indian clandestine activities are at its peak around the globe. These activities are not eluded from people. These intelligence operations are not limited to the any specific country. These are expanded around the globe in different domains. Big players of international arena are mostly using these tools against their enemies for strategic objectives.

German Chancellor Angella Merkel once said that spying among friends is not acceptable. It’s unfortunate that after the United State espionage adventure, German soil targeted by Research Analysis Wing of India (RAW). Indian agents and their handlers are active in different domains to accomplish their heinous objectives. Pakistan is top most priority for India’s clandestine operations. In recent past, India has expedited its spying missions by using every available means. In May this year, Germany’s law department have charged an Indian man with spying on the Sikh community and Kashmir activists in Germany for his country’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) for more than two years. At times, India asked German authorities to stop Sikhs from using their soil for anti-India activities especially Sikh For Justice (SFJ) Referendum.

The arrested Indian spy is accused of passing information on Sikhs and Kashmir movement and their relatives to his handlers of RAW and other intelligence agencies. It is pertinent to mention here that Indian government also accused Pakistan of sponsoring SFJ movement against India over flimsy grounds. Though, Pakistan vehemently denied Indian allegations by terming them baseless and mere propaganda tool, India continues to rake up Pakistan bashing.

But the arrest of Indian agent in Germany for spying purposes shows India’s intent to deal with Illegal Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and concerns of Sikh community. Similarly, according to prosecutors, the arrested Indian agent was in regular telephone and personal contact with Germany-based intelligence officer and passed on information “in numerous cases” until December 2017.

This is not first time that Indian agent has been apprehended by any other country. There are so many such precedents where Indian agents have been accused of espionage and other hostile activities. In Pakistan, RAW’s agents are actively working to damage the image and development of the country. On different occasions, Indian agents have been apprehended by Pakistani authorities. Kulbhushan Jhadev, a serving Indian Naval Officer, is the existing example of India’s clandestine and illegal activities against Pakistan to sabotage the economic development of the country. Kulbhushan Jhadev was apprehended by Pakistani intelligence operators in Baluchistan while having valid Indian passport and Iranian visa on it.

Mr. Jhadev claimed to have links with Baluch separatists to attack law and enforcement agencies. He provided them with funds and other support to carry out anti-state activities on behalf of RAW. Despite the arrest of its officer, Indian government initially refused to accept Jhadev as it national and naval officer, which it later on accepted. Kulbhushan is the one show piece of Indian involvement in Pakistan. Indian agents are recruiting Baluch nationalist as well and training them against the country’s armed forces with financial and logistic support.

As far arrested Indian agent in Germany is concern, his trial is likely to start on August 25 this month in a court in Frankfurt.  The same Frankfurt court convicted an Indian couple for spying on the same communities in December 2019.   In March 2019, a spying couple caught, namely Manmohan and his wife Kanwal Jail, in Germany for spying on Sikh and Kashmiri community. Instead of confessing its illegal actions, India accused Pakistan for using these issues as propaganda tool against India.

These arrests and incidents shows that how much India is active at international level for spying purposes. Before committing such kind of activities, Indian government must focus on its performance and its actions which it is taking against the minorities especially Sikhs and Muslims. India is denying them with basic rights. The people of Illegal Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir are under the siege since August last year.

It’s been more than a year when Indian government imposed lockdown in IIOJ&K. It is the worst kind of lockdown in the world so far. Indian government must have to revisit its nationalist approach instead of focusing against specific communities. People are fed up in the country due to the nationalist designs of Indian government which is alienating minorities especially Muslims. The leaders of ruling party BJP are openly threatening and attacking Muslims and other minorities. This attitude is compelling suppressed people to fight for their rights which are given to them by Indian constitution.

The time has come now where world must ask India to revisit its nationalistic designs where only Hindus are enjoying with full zeal. If this attitude continues, the consequences of this set up would be harmful for entire world. The world should also take notice of India’s clandestine activities against other communities and states such as Pakistan. There must be reformatory process in international power politics so that a peaceful environment would prevail based on mutual respect and dignity of the mankind. India must not use its secret services for personal likes and dislikes while ignoring the interests of other states and communities.