Delhi Riots – an Act of Indian Gov’t to attack Muslims

By Shaikh Moazzam Khan


By Shaikh Moazzam Khan

India has become cauldron of anti-Muslim policies. The nationalist establishment in New Delhi has gone all out to attack Muslims and other minorities. The goons of RSS are not wasting any single opportunity to suppress Muslims and other minorities living in India. In January and February this year, national approach of BJP and Indian government was visible as Hindu zealots attacked Muslims under the umbrella of Delhi police and Indian government. Delhi police supported mobs to kill Muslims and vandalizing their properties. Hindu fanatics were roaming freely with weapons and threating Muslims. The Delhi police instead of facilitating them, backed their nationalist actions. Entire international political elite, organizations, and other watchdogs criticized Indian government’s support to Hindu zealots.

To investigate mob attacks against Muslims in Delhi, Delhi Minorities Commission (DMC), on 9 March this year, constituted Fact Finding Committee to conduct comprehensive survey and prepare a report on North-East Delhi Riots, which took place under the ambit of Hindu establishment led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The report was published on 27 Jun 2020.  The basic aim of the commission was to investigate role of local administration in the riots and to make estimate of total loss suffered by Muslims.

Delhi Riots were started by police and politically stirred mobs on 15 Dec 2019, on peaceful protests against passing of CAA by Indian parliament and against National Register of Citizens (NRC). The UNHRC repeatedly expressed reservations over the CAA. Reservations were also shown by other states as well and they asked Indian government to repel the legislation, which they termed against Muslims. Indian government instead of taking the bill back threatned Muslims with dire consequences. Some of BJP’s leaders asked Muslims to go back to Pakistan or any other countries if they are not happy with the legislation. A number of speeches by BJP politicians including cabinet members preceded the Delhi violence.

On 3 Jan 2020, Shri Somasekhara Reddy ‘cautioned’ and ‘warned’ Muslims of serious repercussions. Similarly, prominent BJP leaders like Amit Shah, Giriraj Singh, Yogi Adityanath openly made provocative and threatening speeches against CAA-protestors. An MP of BJP Anurag Thakur incited public with a slogan ‘desh ke ghddaron ko, goli maaron saalon ko’ (shoot down the traitors of country). On 28 Jan 2020, Parvesh Verma publically threatened to demolish all mosques in his constituency (New Delhi).


The violence spiraled out of control after incendiary threats and ultimatum of Kapil Misra (in presence of Duty Commissioner of Delhi Police on 23 February 2020 and continued till 27 February; resulting in deaths of 53 individuals, 250 wounded, looting and plundering, extensive property damage to houses, shops, mosques, and unknown number of missing people. After the detailed survey and interviews, the fact finding Committee concluded that the Delhi violence was evidently planned and directed to explicitly teach a lesson to Muslims, in wake of their opposition to the CAA and NRC.

There are hundreds of stories proving the political and administrated backed mob exclusively targeting Muslim community. The report further added that many Muslim residents managed to escape the targeted areas at night via connected roof tops. The police came after hours and did not stop the attackers; seeing this goons started massive loot and arson the area. Hindu goons looted the properties of Muslims with the support of Delhi police. The locals said that police officers and officials were shouting the slogans of “Jai Shri Raam” which showed that biasedness toward Muslims. They burnet the Mosques and all books including holy book Quaran.

The Hindu zealots also targeted Muslim women with verbal abuse, sexual harassment, physical abuse and rape. The Muslim women are traumatized and have kept themselves in houses and do not venture out even for necessities. Women and children took refuge wherever they could find and watched helplessly as they properties were looted and burnt. The mob also target Muslim women with acid. One women narrated acid attack on herself, her daughter and brother in law; who are admitted in hospital.

After the completion of report, Delhi police has refused to give its response on its attacks on Muslims. This is not the end. The Police officials have also refused to register cases against the rioters. Delhi police has not registered FIRs / complaints of Muslim victims, instead accused and charged Muslims, which is reflective of the systematic injustice and inherent political & religious bias against Muslims. The report also concluded that Delhi police fully backed rioters.

In addition to this, the Muslims are treated as separate and distinct community rather than citizens of the country, which also led to minorities protests against discrimination of CAA. The Muslims in the area are traumatized have lost livelihood, houses, property and are trying to survive. Most of them have fled the areas to find safer places. All international organizations and human rights watchdogs come out to support Muslims while criticizing Indian government’s way of treatment. The office of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) released a statement on 26 Jun 2020 defending the anti-CAA protestors and condemning their arrest by Indian government. As far as Indian media is concerned, it totally took the side of Indian establishment and rioters while projecting Muslims as troublemakers. The overall media reporting incited Hindus against the Muslims. Likewise, the report is a slap to Indian fraudulent and so called democracy and exposed increased violence and persecution of minorities especially Muslims. The commission recommended that Indian government must constitute a judicial commission headed by a retired or serving judge of superior judiciary to further probe the pre-planned massacre of Muslims.