Pakistan; the Land of Hospitality and Generosity

By Merwah Hamid Qureshi


Merwah Hamid Qureshi

Pakistan has a heterogeneous population owing to multiplicity of cultures. From Himalayas to Gawadar a variety of cultures exist in Pakistan. Culture is the social institution that guarantees social order. It is based on common religion, history, language, values, perceptions and aspirations. Every culture has its own beauty and specialty. From Northern jewelry to Punjabi parandas and from Balochi frocks to Sindhi ajraks, there is a great variety of multiple cultural dresses worn and appreciated by people both, across the country and globe. Not only this, but cultural dances are also the real essence of every culture.From Pashtun attain to Punjabi bhangra and from Balochichaap to Sindhi Jhoomar, all types of folk dances add beauty to the cultural heritage. Moreover, one thing that’s common in all the existing cultures of Pakistan is hospitality.

In Pakistan, a guest is warmly welcomed and is treated in the best possible way. He is presented the best food in the house and is seated at the most comfortable place. Pakistan, as a country is famous worldwide for its hospitality, which is also experienced by many of the foreign tourists. From guiding the foreign tourists to offering them free food, Pakistanis are well aware of the way to give respect to the other person for that is embedded in their minds owing to their cultural values.Alex and Sebastiaan, tourists from US and Netherlands, visited Pakistan in 2016 for six weeks. They recommended Pakistan for tourism and stated, “Even the Levies in Balochistan were smiling and kind. Everyone we met along the way was hospitable beyond words, and we soon learned the views the West holds of Pakistan and Pakistani people are not true at all. A few bad people do not a bad country make.Forget your fears – go visit Pakistan. It’s far from the easiest country to travel in, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a more hospitable country of people. Add to that rich cultural history and diversity, stunning nature, and you have a perfect destination for adventurous spirits. Just do it. You won’t regret it.”

Pakistan is a very generous, hospitable and welcoming country. It’s the land of pure beauty and cultural diversity, which is yet to be explored in its fullest potential.

Furthermore, SopheeSouthall, an Australian travel blogger also appreciated the hospitality of Pakistanis and stated, “Within minutes of crossing the Wagah border, where I enjoyed a friendly chat and cup of tea with the security staff, my impression of Pakistan started to change. By the end of my trip, it had done a complete 180. The locals treated my travel buddies and me like family; we were granted unconditional hospitality of the highest order. I never felt unsafe and, even as a Western female tourist, I felt valued and respected. It was a heart-warming and enlightening experience.” Similarly, other foreigners like Cynthia Ritchie and HenrikJeppesen, who visited Pakistan really acknowledged the hospitality, love and respect shown by Pakistanis towards them.

Additionally, another factor which is shared by all the cultures of Pakistan is the passion for charity and helping others. Charity is the form of helping the marginalized section of the society. Pakistan is known for its charity as well. Pakistan contributes more than one percent of its GDP in charity. According to the Stanford Social Innovation Review report 2018, the charitable contribution by Pakistan includes it in the group of far wealthier countries like Canada (1.2 per cent of GDP) and the United Kingdom (1.3 per cent GDP to charity). Moreover, Pakistan contributes around twice what India gives to those in need as a percentage of its GDP. The way Pakistanis have stood by the government during this current pandemic and massively donated to help their fellow citizens, is remarkable. From providing rations to donating plasma, general public has set the actual example of charity and generosity, which are the basic virtues of Pakistani culture. While talking about generosity, the whole world is witness to the fact that Pakistan as a nation is very generous. We even host the enemy pilot and return him as a gesture of peace after facilitating him in best possible way and offering him the fantastic tea of his life. Therefore, Pakistan is a very generous, hospitable and welcoming country. It’s the land of pure beauty and cultural diversity, which is yet to be explored in its fullest potential.