Kashmir Martyr’s Day

By Shaikh Moazzam Khan


By Shaikh Moazzam Khan

If you always believed the tensions in Jammu and Kashmir has its roots in the partition of colonial British India, then let me tell you that it started 16 years before the partition of sub-continent which is now recognised as India and Pakistan. Almost 90 years ago, on 13 July, 1931, the first ever organised communal carnage in the history of modern Jammu and Kashmir took place. The rioters who lost their lives are today hailed as martyrs.

Contrary to the claims of Indian government, Jammu and Kashmir is integral part of Pakistan. The people of the valley kept pro-Pakistan sentiments and wants to live with Pakistan. The people of Jammu and Kashmir wants complete withdrawal of Indian occupied forces from the valley. The presence of Indian armed forces in the valley is totally illegal and against the norms of international laws. Since the partition, Indian forces are killing Muslims in the valley, citing them terrorists. But, the Indians have failed to suppress the spirit and freedom struggle of Kashmiri people.

This is the fact which Indians cannot deny. Despite using every brutal and illegal means, Indians have also failed to get the support of international community and organizations over its Kashmir policies. Indians are peddling the fake narrative of terrorism by accusing Pakistan of backing the anti-India elements. So, one should not forget here that anything happening in Jammu and Kashmir is spill over effect of Indian cruel policies and they cannot blame any other country for its own blunders.

Miffed with the policies of Indian successive governments, Kashmiri Diaspora is also using all means to expose Indian atrocities in Jammu and Kashmir. We must respect the freedom struggle of Kashmiri who are suffering terribly due to Indian atrocities. The valour of Kashmiri people is commendable. In the recognition of struggle for Kashmir cause, every year, 13 July is observed as Kashmir Martyrs’ Day by Kashmiris who are living all over the world. The day is marked to pay tribute to 22 Kashmiri Muslims killed on July 13, 1931. The people of Jammu and Kashmir have been celebrating this day with a pledge to continue their struggle of freedom and right of self-determination.

Thousands of innocent Kashmiri people have been killed so far by Indian armed forces. Whenever any attack on Indian armed forces or any other installation took place, soon after that thy blame Pakistan for the incident without having any evidence or hint. But, in reality that incident has a links with the grudges of Kashmiri people. The example of Pulwama incident is there before us. The attacker who carried out the attack named Adil Dar on Indian forces was resident of Jammu and Kashmir and attacked Indian armed forces to take the revenge of those people who have been killed by Indian armed forces. But, India, on the other side, blamed Pakistan for the incident where both countries had aerial combat in result.

The other example is of Burhan Wani, a young Kashmiri fighter who fought valiantly against the Indian armed forces and resultantly embraced martyrdom. The martyrdom of Burhan Wani has given new direction to the freedom struggle of Kashmiri people. As a result of the martyrdom of Wani, Kashmiri youth is resisting and confronting with Indian forces. The Kashmir issue became an international issue now. Kashmiri Diaspora is highlighting the atrocities very well.

Indian tactics have failed to get materialize. The world has also realized that India cannot supress their rights for longer period of time. The international media outlets are giving positive space to the Jammu and Kashmir issue by exposing Indian illegal actions. The so called search and anti-terrorist operations of Indian forces in Jammu and Kashmir have no longer hidden from the world. Even the Americans have criticized Indian illegal actions in Jammu and Kashmir many times. They also pressed Indian establishment to restore human rights of Muslims and the people of Jammu and Kashmir. President Trump personally asked Indian premier Narendra Modi to ensure religious freedom in India.

To conclude my article, I would suggest that Pakistan must continue with its policy to expose Indian actions in Jammu and Kashmir. The responsibility lies with the international community and organizations to ensure religious freedom and human rights in India and Jammu and Kashmir. Only condemnations cannot solve the problem facing by the people of Kashmir. The world must have to do something substantial to press India to revert its decision which New Delhi has taken to further alienate Muslims in India and Jammu and Kashmir.

I also appeal the world powers to recognize the long-standing wishes and aspirations of the Kashmiri people as they observe Martyrs Day, July 13th. And I hope that the international communitywould realize that what is at stake in the dispute is not only the survival of the people of Kashmir but also the peace and stability in the region of South Asia.