India – a Hindu State with anti-minorities policies


By Shiakh Moazzam Khan

India used to be a secular state under the Congress governments in the past. Since the inception of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the helm of affairs, India has become a Hindu nationalist state where ultranationalist Hindus are doing anything possible to expand Hindutva ideology. Hindu zealots are attacking minorities especially Muslims and vandalising their properties across India. The life of minorities other than Hindus has become miserable. Indian government, instead of stopping the rise of Hindutva, is completely backing them with full zeal and zest. This the true image of so called secular India. Nationalist roots are very strong in Indian society under the Modi-Shah duo. From Indian Media to bureaucracy, all are toeing the line of Indian hawkish establishment. Congress is the only left wing party who is showing resistance against the towering nationalist ideology being prevailed in the country under the government of BJP.

The grip of ultranationalist Hindus on the political and social apparatus of India is increasing day by day. According to both internal and external observers, citizenship in India would be determined along with religious affiliation criteria, which risks undermining the country’s traditional secularism. Under the incumbent establishment and government, communal violence in India has increased to larger extent. The goons of RSS – a Hindu nationalist organization – are roaming freely in India and killing Muslims over the name of Holy Cow Movement.

State governments in India where BJP is in power are doing nothing to stop them. Indian government is adapting Nazi Germany’s policies and taking all possible steps to expand Hindu Rashtra (Indian State). The government has also started its policies to convert Muslim majority areas into minorities. The Abrogation of Articles 370 and 35A, division of Jammu and Kashmir in two Union territories and introduction of new legislations like change in Jammu and Kashmir Domicile application law is prerequisite to these policies. These actions are aimed at bringing more Hindus to the valley and to counter Muslim population living in Jammu and Kashmir.

Indian government has also politicized major departments of the country such as judiciary, army and civil bureaucracy. All these state organs are acting in favour of the BJP government. Increasing State Influence on Judiciary, reflected in recent verdicts of Babri Masjid and transfers of impartial judges hearing Delhi pogrom cases. The recent wave of Islamophobia in India, Gulf and Canada reflects the neo-Nazi Ideology of BJP/RSS. The RSS led Hindutva brigade is going all out to act against Muslims. They considered themselves superior citizen in India.

Those who are speaking against the authoritarian and nationalist policies of Indian government are being labelled as traitor and charged under the draconian sedition laws. Indian authorities continued to use laws on sedition, defamation, and counter-terrorism to crack down on dissent. Indian government has severely sabotaged freedom of expression in the country. Its grip on the media channels is strong. Many journalists who wrote against the Modi government’s policies are fearing for their lives under current circumstances. Journalists faced increasing pressure to self-censor due to threat of legal action, smear campaigns and threats on social media, and even threats of physical attacks. International Media is not allowed to cover the stories in India with freedom of expressions. Indian government denied permission to international media outlets who wanted to cover ground situation in Jammu and Kashmir after the abrogation of Article 370 and 35A.

But, thanks to the liberal voices in India who exposed Modi government’s illegal actions and brutalities in Jammu and Kashmir. After scrapping the special statues of Jammu and Kashmir by abrogating Article 370 and 35A, Indian government is since projecting everything is under control and imposed one of the worst communication blockade in the valley. The people of Jammu and Kashmir are being denied basic fundamental rights. The political leadership of the valley is the house arrest. They are not allowed to meet with the loves ones. Political activities are totally banned in the valley. This callous Indian attitude reminds us Neo-Nazi’s policies.

Indian government’s blanket internet shutdowns in IOJ&K and mainland remained highest in the world in 2019. Apart from communication shut down, complete lock down of Jammu and Kashmir exceeding 300 days has been criticized by international community and organizations. With the increasing atrocities of Indian armed forces against the people of Jammu and Kashmir and Muslim community in India, international community must come out to pressurize Indian government over its treatment. The human rights organizations must also ensure the provision of basic and fundamental rights of Muslims and people of Jammu and Kashmir. If international community failed to convince Indian government, then consequences would be severe and have impacts on other countries as well. UN, UNSC and other major have to act rationally. They shouldn’t view India through prism of economic market. They should set aside their political and strategic interests to ensure implementation of human rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.