USAID, AGF Foundation provideS $2.6 million assistance to Tajikistan


Tajikistan 8th June (GNP): The USAID and AGF Khan Foundation provide $2.6 million to combat COVID-19 in Tajikistan for the next twelve months. The total direct U.S. government contribution to support Tajikistan’s efforts to combat COVID-19 counts more than $5 million.


USAID and AKF assistance will improve care for patients, especially for the severely and critically ill, create employment opportunities, provide food support for the most vulnerable, and educate communities about COVID-19 to help reduce the spread of the virus.

To improve care in facilities treating patients with COVID-19 in this remote region of the country, USAID is partnering with AKHS and AKF to train health workers on infection control, use of personal protective equipment, waste disposal, and other ways to combat the virus. USAID primarily focuses on western Tajikistan, while the AGF khan foundation mainly works in eastern Tajikistan.