Women’s Suffrage Movement: Role of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Sojourner Truth, Ida B Wells


Islamabad 29, May (GNP): The triumph of the great ladies was the result of their struggle for women’s right to vote in suffrage movement. The Elizabethan Candy Stanton, Sojourner Truth, Ida B wells were famous for defining new possibilities of women’s participation in the public sphere. Elizabeth Cady Stanton organized a women’s rights convention in 1848 which was later on recognized as a Seneca Fall Convention. She presented all sentiments and modeled for the true equality of women’s rights and shunned all those stereotypes which deteriorated their rights based on their sex. As the suffrage movement got momentum, then Sojourner came in front of the world and she raised her voice for universal equal rights and suffrage.

Moreover, Ida B Wells established numerous organizations for women’s equal rights such as the Alpha Suffrage Club, the National Equal Rights League, the National Association of Colored Women’s Club.  She is not only worked out for women, but also famous for civil rights where she writes many columns on  Racial Violence, investigating the killing of the African American men in the South. She became the voice of those people who were deprived of their skin and gender. So, as we fight to introduce the equal right system and more representative democracy, we can never forget the great effort of these mothers for women’s equality
Source: Iknowpolitics