Women’s rights in development start a Feminist Bailout Campaign from the Covid-19: June 1, to 5, June 2020


Islamabad 30, May 2020 (GNP): The Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) has decided to start an online campaign which is known as the feminist bailout campaign in the Covid-19, from 1 June to 5 June 2020.  The motive behind this campaign is to raise the voice of the community’s needs, desires collectively through social media in front of the state in this pandemic situation. The theme of their demands are

June 1: Resources & Economic Justice

June 2: Bodies, Pleasure & Wellbeing

June 3: Governance, Accountability & Justice

June 4: Digital Realities

June 5: Planet & Living Beings

The lockdown crisis collapsed the global financial system. The different corporations and entrepreneurs pursuing their strategies to bring them out from the recession time with the help of the governments.  But the domestic workers, transgender, agricultural workers, paid and unpaid care workers are the bare brunt of the crisis. Furthermore, impoverished women are facing inequality, domestic violence, health care issue all over the world. So through this campaign bail out the people who are also the part of an economy.  We need a global policy that brings a change and states has to ensure those policies to shape our life and future.

Source: AWID