UN Celebrates Women in Peace Keeping on International UN Peacekeeping Day


New York 29th, May 2020 (GNP): The United Nations acknowledges the services of women in every field of life, especially in service of the UN for being the Peacekeepers and leaders. This year United Nations in its celebrations of the International Day of UN Peacekeeping, which is celebrated every year on 29th of May 2020, has spotlighted women and their role in peace-building and development.

On 29 May 1948, the first UN peacekeeping mission was established along with a small number of UN military observers to the Middle East. In 1993, women’s participation in unformed personal hardly up-to 1% which last now into 4.7% in military contingents and 10.8% of formed police units in UN Peacekeeping missions.
UN encourages member states to recruit more women in the UN peacekeeping mission. The 2028 target has been set by the UN for women serving in military contingents is 15%, and 25% for military observers and staff officers. Moreover, the target also includes recruiting women is 20% for formed police units, and 30% for individual police officers. (GNP)