The Pandemic is just beginning for Arab Women


Islamabad 28, May (GNP): Women are facing marginalization and violence all over the world. The current coronavirus crisis is just the beginning for them to take risks in their lives. They can take this quarantine period as an opportunity to face the challenges because social, economic instability, human rights deterioration all over the world greatly affected the marginalized community especially women and girls. In the Arab region women are not able to access the internet so they are not aware of virus precaution in this pandemic situation. Moreover, In Syria and Yemen conflict zones, women suffered not only in the pandemic period, but also facing health care challenges due to decimated healthcare infrastructure by years of armed conflict.

Women are serving the community as healthcare practitioners in the world’s hospital, but they are not well paid by the government. In Labanon 80 percent of women staff is a nurse and they are working more than men. This present time an opportunity for feminist activists to implement their policies for women’s rights violations. Their life is at risk and if it would not be resolved right now then the resulting aftermath of a pandemic would be devastating.

Source: Aljazeera