Women lose their Jobs in Latin America due to Coronavirus


Islamabad 27, May (GNP): Women has loss their jobs in Latin America due to corona virus crisis. The risk of losing job for women is more than men. According to the United Nation 126 million women in Latin America works in the informal economy  as cleaners, street vendors. In this lock down time period they are facing a difficult time because they are asked for unpaid jobs with over time. Moreover, they have to look after their children at home due to closure of schools.

Whereas in the formal economy, they are over represented in high risk jobs such as retail, hotel and restaurant which are considered to be vulnerable to social distancing in this crisis time period. There is no security for the women provided by labor legislation, said Karina Batthyany who is the head of the Latin American Council of Social Sciences, a network of research institutes. Experts said the government should adopt measures  to assist the women in their low paid jobs. and try to eliminate the gender gap which is exacerbate due to corona virus crisis

Source: (Thomson Reuters Foundation)