Australian government initiative in Pakistan’s Agriculture Sector

Islamabad 18th May, 2020 (GNP):  Australian Ambassador to Pakistan, Dr Geoffrey Shaw tweets today,  for sustainable livestock production in Pakistan. Australia has taken another initiative by developing partnership along with Market Dev Facility and Cattle Kit Pakistan to boost local livestock production of Pakistan. In this way, small Pakistani farmers will have access to nutritious food for the livestock even in dry climates and droughts. Adding to this, the country also supports 13 agriculture projects in Pakistan.
In February, 2020, Australia has announced new agriculture research projects to improve livelihoods of rural communities. Under this partnership, Pakistan’s agriculture sector will be able to build its capacity according to modern demands. A research project will also be launched to understand modern rural transformations. The Australian Centre for International Agriculture Research (ACIAR) is surprising the programme by setting a 10-year time limit working closely with  Pakistan’s federal government, provincial departments, non-government organisations, academia and the private sector. The role of ACIAR is to fund research projects, technical capacity building on livestock and dairy, climate change, cereal productivity, crop diversification and land and water management practices. (GNP)