India continues with its nefarious designs and hate speech amidst COVID-19

Masroor Ahmad


Masroor Ahmad

On December 16, 2019 Flora Carmichael and Abid Hussain of BBC world Service reported a very shocking investigative news story about a global network of 270 pro-Indian fake websites being operated across 65 countries and think-tanks aiming at influencing decision-making in Europe. Indian intelligence agencies were running these fake news factories trying to build frivolous stories and propaganda against Pakistan. Such fake news outlets were ticked by EU Disinfo Lab, a Brussels-based NGO. The investigators traced the websites to an Indian company, Srivastava Group through servers behind the websites. This network of fake news websites was responsible for anti-Pakistan lobbying events in Europe. It is believed that the Network’s purpose was to disseminate propaganda against India’s key rival Pakistan by setting its narrative against it. This reflects the nefarious designs of India which collaborated to entrap Pakistan through FATF. This is a very serious and criminal approach of India towards Pakistan the notice of which must be taken by European Union and Pakistan Foreign Missions abroad must take up this matter with the respective Governments of Europe to play down the image of Pakistan.

The names of defunct newspapers were used to sustain credibility and to support these”zombie” sites. For instance, a website titled Manchester Times omitting an important part of information that the Newspaper’s last issue appeared on 22 July 1922. There is another misleading name like “Times of Los Angeles” instead of better known “Los Angeles Times.” When BBC tried to call at the phone numbers of these websites, it was cut off and YouTube channels as well as Twitter accounts of these websites were suspended. On April 20, 2020 it was reported that India used money and disinformation to secretly influence Canadian politicians into supporting its interests overseas according to Canadian broadcaster Global Television Network. Canadian authorities suspect India’s premier intelligence agencies –the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and Intelligence Bureau (IB) – were running an underground operation since 2009, to influence Canada’s politicians. The sick mentality of Indian leadership is not novel, they have been hoodwinking the world by one or other way to hide their human rights violations in Kashmir and against minorities across India particularly the Muslims. The Indian deep state least bothers about the rising unrest India in terms of rising law and order situation as well as to address the need of its millions of population living below the poverty line. Due to the bigotry of Indian leadership the destiny and future of billions of people of South Asian region is at stake.

Although to call someone minority is in itself an insult to a human, however, in reality, distinction and discrimination among communities have been an order throughout the history. In Islam, human blood, life, property and honor are sacred, revered. Article 36 of the constitution of Pakistan is all about minority rights in which it has been asserted that the state would provide safe, security, protection and safeguard the legitimate rights of minorities. The minorities in Pakistan are safer than India and there are very few incidents in comparison with India where human rights violation and state sponsored maltreatment of minorities is order of the day which has recently been duly exposed by USCIRF report. Muslims are being termed for spreading Corona virus out of cold blood. On the other hand minorities in Pakistan are part of the mainstream. They have their due share in federal and provincial parliaments as well as in other government institutions unlike India where Muslim and other minorities are prejudiced in every walk of life and they are not extended any opportunity.

Recently, India has come under tremendous pressure in the Gulf and International community due to Islamophobia and hate speech against the Arab culture and its Muslim minority. India is trying to deflect the situation and mounting pressure on it through vague propaganda against Pakistan. The designs of BJP have well been exposed to the global community and it is becoming very difficult for India to defend its position on more than 270 day lockdown in Kashmir and human rights violation through biased legislation and violence. Indian Army is notorious for massive human rights violations and it is very difficult to hide atrocities in the modern days of fast connectivity. Many audio visuals have reported the barbarism of Indian army and Police—the partial role of Indian security forces during recent Delhi riots is now an open secret.

On the other hand Pakistan Army follows high standards of military traditions, acknowledged as the most contributing Army to UNPKO in the world. Most recently, Pakistan Army troops, serving in Democratic Republic of Congo, were awarded UN medals. It not only trained the Congolese Army but also helped in maintaining peace in the region winning the hearts and minds of Congolese people by contributing in different humanitarian assistance programmes. Pakistani peacekeepers also rescued more than 2000 people stranded due to heavy floods in different regions of Congo. Mr Alpha Sw, Hed of UN Mission in Congo in his meeting with Pakistani journalists stated that without Pakistani troops peace could not have prevailed in Congo. The contribution of Pakistani troops could never be forgotten and the Congolese people thanked them for their efforts.

In the wake of COVID-19 when the whole world is witnessing hard times, India should learn some lessons of humanity and take it an opportunity to normalize its relations with Pakistan through meaningful talk on bilateral issues so that the people of South Asia could benefit out of peace process instead of continued conflicts which has otherwise eclipsed the future of billions of people in the region. COVID-19 globally calls for a paradigm shift from conflict oriented approach to a peace oriented approach to make the mother earth a better place to live. It is pertinent to mention here that we cannot turn earth into a peaceful planet without mending hostile nations like India. It is high time for the world to take action against India which is campaigning hatred and violence against its Muslim population amidst COVID-19 global crisis in the light of consolidated evidences.