South Korea holds election, taking preventive measures against covid-19


15th April 2020 (GNP): Number of people are expected to cast their votes in an election that is seen as a mid-term referendum for the country’s President Moon Jae-in and his party.

Three hundred seats at the National Assembly are being contested. Thirty-five parties have registered candidates, but the race will be between the ruling Minjoo (Democratic) Party and the main opposition, the conservative United Future Party. Currently, Moon’s ruling Democratic Party holds 120 seats in the National Assembly compared with the 92 held by the conservative opposition party, United Future.

The government’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak has dominated all discussions during this election. It has eclipsed fears of a struggling economy and a number of corruption scandals involving presidential aides.

South Korea is the first country with a significant outbreak to hold a nationwide election since the pandemic began, which has infected at least 10,560 people in South Korea alone. But South Korea’s government has won praise for its handling of the crisis, and already more than 7,500 people in the country have recovered.

Taking preventive measures, Voters are wearing masks and stand at least 1m apart. There temperature will be taken, voters have to disinfect their hands and wear plastic gloves. Only then they will be allowed to cast vote.