BJP’s Anti-Pakistan Designs Exposed – Shaikh Moazzam Khan


By Shaikh Moazzam Khan

Indian establishment under the belligerent Prime Minister Narendra Modi and warmongering Army expedited their nefarious designs against Pakistani government and Armed Forces. It has become evident that hawkish Indian establishment doesn’t seem interested in establishing peace with Pakistan despite Islamabad’s willingness to discuss all outstanding issues including the issue of Indian Occupied Kashmir. Prime Minister Imran Khan personally tried many times to approach PM Modi to initiate new comprehensive dialogue between both countries but India ran away and continued to fuel anti-Pakistan elements.

Entire global community saw the heinous Indian actions against the innocent people of Jammu and Kashmir. Apart from atrocities against the people of Jammu and Kashmir, Indian government is supporting anti-Muslim sentiments within India to attack Muslim community and vandalize their properties. Instead of stopping these nationalist Hindus, the leader of ruling Bhartia Janta Party (BJP) are openly threatening Muslims and other minorities living in India.

The recent violence in New Delhi is the practical demonstration of rise of Hindutva ideology in India where Hindu fanatics are making the lives of Muslim community miserable. They are looting the properties of Muslim community and practical demonstration of their act we have already seen in Delhi riots. After mob attacks against Muslims, Hindu zealots are roaming freely in India. Some members of nationalist wing RSS attacked Muslims in front of police in Delhi but the Delhi police refrain itself from arresting the culprits. Incumbent Indian establishment has become victim of Islamophobia. Indian media is completely supporting the government’s narrative and humiliating Muslims clerics especially after the emergence of some COVID-19 cases in members of Tableghi Jamat (religious congregation) in Nizam Markaz New Delhi.

A few Indian channels like India Today, NDTV, Republic TV and Times Now completely go out and uttered poison against the Islamic rituals and also joined Hindu fanatics to ban Islamic gatherings in India. Recently, Zainab Sikandar rightly pointed out in an Indian Newspaper ‘The Print’ that Indian media is waging a holy war against Muslims. She wrote that Indian media is not doing journalism. Channels from Zee News, Aaj Tak to Network18 add ‘jihad’ to everything, which bigots on social media then use to target individual Muslims. An Indian anchor Rahul Kanwal and Arnab Goswami didn’t miss any chance to accuse Muslims of spreading chaos and extremism in the country. They linked every incident of unrest in India with Muslim community. In recent talk show on Republic TV, Indian anchor Arnab Goswami invited some Muslim clerics to his show who were part of Tablighi Jamat in New Delhi. When they started their arguments, Goswami went ahead and humiliated them badly. He didn’t allow them to even present their point of view. This is the real face of Indian media and journalists. In fact, Section 12 (2) (b) of the Prasar Bharati (Broadcasting Corporation of India) Act, 1990 makes the duty of public broadcaster very clear: to safeguard “the citizen’s right to be informed freely, truthfully and objectively on all matters of public interest… and presenting a fair and balanced flow of information including contrasting views without advocating any opinion or ideology of its own.”

Indian leaders and media are now blaming Muslims for the spread of novel COVID-19 in the country. Indian media is playing the role of front liner in strengthening anti-Muslim propaganda. It is pertinent to mention here that the Indian Media has closed their eyes over the brutal actions of Indian Armed Forces in Jammu and Kashmir where people are living under the lockdown since 5 August 2019. They has been denying basic facilities and forced to live under the curfew. Unfortunately, Indian Media kept mum over the illegitimate actions of Indian government. Indian government is trying to change the demography of Jammu and Kashmir after the abrogation of Article 370 and 35A, but Indian Media is sleeping over these actions. They are viewing these actions through the prism of Hindutva ideology and Akhand Bharat.

Jammu and Kashmir is integral part of Pakistan and Islamabad always supports peaceful freedom struggle of brave Kashmiri people. Pakistan stressed that the issue of Kashmir should be resolved as per the wishes of Kashmiri people. Prime Minister Imran Khan positively highlighted the Kashmir issue at every international forum and exposed the brutalities of RSS and Prime Minister Modi’s BJP. After the brutalities of Hindu against Muslims in India and Jammu and Kashmir, many Indian and anti-Pakistan elements have started to realize that Muhammad Ali Jinnah was right. They are now endorsing the concept of Two Nation Theory.

This is also a message for anti-Pakistan elements who are living in self-exile and involved in Pakistan bashing. After watching nationalist designs of Indian government, they should realize that minorities in Pakistan are safe and perform their religious prayers freely. This should come out and abandoned their anti-Pakistan activities. Because in India, the concept of secular India has vanished from the society as long as BJP is there in the power corridors. Prime Minister Modi and its nationalist government is on the path of accomplishing the concept of Akhand Bharat and this path has terrible consequences for minorities even for Hindus as well.