Hitching up entente against pandemic


"A friendship higher than the heights of Himalayas and deeper than the depths of Arabian seas” at the time when the world is into a pandemic war, these avouch remain uncertain but in case of Pakistan and China as they sailed as a time tested friends, so the responsibility lit that they cooperate and collaborate. President of Pakistan had been invited to China for a two day visit along with his delegation by president Xi Jinping, which was his first ever visit to china as a president. Though the amity don’t need any elucidation but this visit holds strong significance at the time when world is declared into a war and financially scrambling. And in the erc of corona-virus in which China is entitled to it. To secure their interests and guarding their allies, both China and Pakistan are up to the same projections. In this upheaval China doesn’t want any strike to its economy as a target is to achieve hegemony soon, not just in region but around the world and Pakistan as a developing country doesn’t want to lose an empowered allie. It has been observed that different MOUs have been signed between both countries and further stepping-up CPEC project from infrastructure investment to agriculture and some other realms, seems the execution of interests. So the responsibility lies on both the countries to make a common cause progressive. When globalization is fading away and countries are being criticized for one cause or another, it is the time to show the liability to strengthen the entente.