COVID19 update – Wuhan reports no new cases


BEIJING 19 March (GNP): A month ago Wuhan was overwhelmed with the cases of COVID19. But in an unpredictable growth that emphasizes just how much the outbreak has tilted toward other regions like Europe and the United States, Chinese authorities reported that the city and its surrounding province had no new cases to report.

The news offered a new ray hope for the rest of the world as it battles the virus, and perhaps teaches the nations a lesson to take strong measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Wuhan was where the outbreak first took hold and thousands once lay sick or died in hurriedly constructed hospitals. While on Thursday Chinese authorities said that all 34 new cases recorded over the previous day had been imported from abroad.

“Today we have seen the dawn after so many days of hard effort,” said Jiao Yahui, a senior inspector at the National Health Commission.