Lecture by Iranian/German Scholar on "Intercultural Dialogue and Cultural Diplomacy”

Organized by Institute of Public Policy Riphah, International University and Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies


Islamabad, January 29 (GNP): Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies in collaboration with Riphah International University organized a seminar on “Intercultural Dialogue and Cultural Diplomacy” where the keynote speaker was Dr. Fatemah Kamli-Chirani, research scholar and academicians with specialization on Cultural Diplomacy. Dr. Fatemah said that dialogue and understanding among the cultures will help us to improve the peace and stability across the region and the world. While explaining in-depth analysis Dr. Fatemah has emphasized the role of diplomats and developing the linkages and understanding among the members of the civil society where they are representing their own countries. Through the medium of art, literature, and heritage, countries can develop an image of themselves that can enhance not only the understanding of the foreign public but also will help the country to build a long relationship with the other countries.

Dr. Fatemeh Kamali-Chirani is an Iranian-German Political Scientist having her Ph.D. from the University of Augsburg, Germany. In 2019 Dr. Fatemeh published her first book, a short version of her Ph.D., “Does Intercultural Dialogue matter?: The Role of Intercultural Dialogue in the Foreign Cultural Policy of Iran and Germany”. Her main fields of interest are intercultural dialogue, Civil Society, Women, Migration, and Refugees.  

Dr. Fatemah is of the view that the process of cultural diplomacy and engagement is not instant and requires one to be patient and persistent in finding the gradual linkages. She further added that countries across the world are linked to various values and strengthen and these values are the values of humanity, correlations in religion and commonalities of cultures. It is for those who devise policies and diplomats to see closely apart from encouraging the academics and students to engage in dialogue and collaboration. Dr. Rashid Aftab, Director of the Institute of Public Policy Riphah, International University, explained the significance of dialogue among civilizations and provided an overview of the vision and mission of the Public Policy Institute. While Ms. Farhat Asif, President, Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies, in her introductory remarks explained the reason for holding such an important dialogue and seminar. This was also announced that Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies and Institute of Public Policy Riphah, International University recently signed an MoU to work in collaboration in areas of mutual interest.

The audience includes the Ambassadors and Diplomats from different countries of the world, diplomats, students, academicians, research scholars, media and other members of the Civil society.

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