Shincheonji Church of Jesus held graduation Ceremony with Over 100,000 Graduates


CHICAGO, Shincheonji, Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony hosted an epic graduation ceremony on November 10th where over 100,000 people were officially registered as congregation members—writing a new history in spreading the gospel.

The number of graduates totaled 103,764. These graduates evangelized at a rate of 142%—which attests to the exponential global growth of Shincheonji, Church of Jesus.

The epic 100,000 Graduation of Shincheonji, Church of Jesus, is set to bring restorative change to today’s religious world (PRNewsfoto/Schincheonji USA)

This ceremony was held simultaneously in cities across the world. Over 112 countries participated in the graduation ceremony, including US cities (Chicago, Los Angeles and New York).

Mr. Man-Hee Lee, the chairman of Shincheonji, emphasized at the graduation that, "There must be physical reality that appeared according to the Book of Revelation. The purpose of God is to create His kingdom by harvesting the ripened fruits from the seed that was sown 2,000 years ago. God creates His new kingdom and new people with those who are born of His seed today [Shincheonji].” He continues, "Since it is [by] God’s grace that you are graduating today, you must thank God and Jesus. For we believe in God, we should be the glorious light as God’s family and His children. Also, we must understand the Bible perfectly. This is what we must do.”

A Los Angeles graduate, Aaron K., the product of three generations of pastors working in Brazil shared his testimony. Kim stated the most rewarding part of studying was being able to share the logical understanding of the Bible with his Brazilian church of 300—who were among the 100,000 graduates.

An honorary Chicago graduate, Aaron G. stated, "This event was unique because we gathered over 60,000 believers in one building to give glory to God. It was special because all the students received the same teaching and had to persevere to graduate from the course.”

Shincheonji has strict graduation guidelines, where students must master Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced curriculum, covering material from Genesis to Revelation. Graduates must achieve at least 90% scores on exams. It is especially significant to understand that it is only possible to enter Shincheonji after completing this Bible course and passing the course level exams. These high standards are indicators of a great movement inside the Christian world, as graduates are expected to preach the gospel at a pastoral level.