Denmark and Pakistan can work together for Climate Change, Ambassador of Denmark to Pakistan


Islamabad, September 25th, 2019, (GNP): Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies in collaboration with the Commission of Science and Technology for Sustainable in South(COMSATS) organized a lecture on ‘Denmark”s Role in the Promotion of Global Climate Sustainability Solutions’ at COMSATS Headquarter Islamabad. H.E Mr.Rolf M.Hay Pereira Holmboe, Ambassador of Denmark to Pakistan was the Keynote Speaker. Ms. Farhat Asif President, Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies welcomed H.E Mr. Rolf M. Hay Pereira to the lecture and shared vision and mission of the institute. She said that IPD stresses to connect diverse groups including diplomats, experts, academicians, non-government organizations from across the globe to work in the various zone with the sole purpose of creating sustainable peace and development in countries facing diverse issues like climate change. She added ‘IPD arranges seminars, conferences, workshops, and event in collaboration with Missions, Governmental Departments and organization for the promotion of peace, tolerance and coexistence.

In the talk, H.E Mr.Rolf M.Hay Pereira Holmboe said there is a global call for the implementation of action to address the challenges to sustainable development in the world.
While highlighting Denmark’s role in the promotion of Global Climate Sustainability Solutions, the Ambassador said the government of Denmark is working enthusiastically for
the promotion of sustainable development and green transition. Today, 90 percent of plastic waste is being recycled in the Denmark government, and we are working to reach 100 percent use of waste material. The ambassador said Wind is an inexhaustible resource with a potential for reducing the CO 2 emission remarkably and Denmark is far ahead in the development of wind technology. Denmark with the Municipality of Copenhagen already has specific plans to set up more wind turbines in Copenhagen, but efforts will be increased in order to become the first carbon-neutral capital in the world.s land re Ambassador also shared the recent initiatives of the government of Denmark about building nine artificial islands. for the creation of the biggest waste to energy plant in Northern Europe for improved biodiversity. Ambassador of Denmark has also shared about the new energy plant designed by Bjarke Ingels Group which is an incredible piece of not only architecture but also the also one of the finest plants of the world to turn trash into power that will then go to the city’s grid. It is called as Amager Resource Centre and is open for the public to utilize this facilty into skiing resort and is the world’s tallest climbing wall. During the talk, H.E. Holmboe expressed the country’s willingness to assist Pakistan in order to attain sustainable goals in the country.

The talk was attended by diplomats, ambassadors, former diplomats, academicians, students and people from different walks. (GNP)