Brazilian Soul Food & Music Festival begins


Islamabad, September 17; ( GNP): To celebrate the vibrant culture of Brazil Islamabad Marriott Hotel and EIGHTEEN is hosting two days Brazilian Soul, Food and Music Festival in collaboration with the Embassy of Brazil in Islamabad. The inaugural ceremony was held today to mark the beginning of the festival.

The festival will also have food kiosks featuring Brazilian specialties including Brazilian style Cold Meat, Mixed Seafood Salad. Amazonian Whole Fish, Grilled Lamb Chops with Creamy Polenta and Much More.

The Brazilian Guest Chef Kiki Ferrari, accompanied by the Cluster Executive Chef od Islamabad Marriott Hotel Chef Thomas Figove, will be preparing a variety of dishes from the Brazilian Cuisine. Meanwhile, guest will also be able to enjoy sizzling Brazilian barbeque at the festival.

Offering a slice of authentic Brazilian Cuisine, the festival will combine traditional Brazilian spice s in a flavourful combine of dishes. From roasted meats to toasted Cassava flour; from pickled chillies to smoky stews- the tastes of Brazilian Cuisine are as wide and varied as the country itself. GNP