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Turkmenistan will host First Caspian Economic Forum 2019


International Desk, GNP: 4 August 2019: Turkmenistan is ready to host First Caspian Economic Forum starting from 11-12 August 2019 at the national tourist zone “Avaza”. Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev will also be arriving for this important event of the region.

On 11 August, a day before the forum, the ministerial-level meetings will be held where the agreement between governments of the countries of the Caspian-littoral states will talk about the trade, economic and transportation cooperation will be discussed and finalized. The forum is aimed to enhance the cooperation on commercial, economic, investments, energy, and tourism between the Caspian countries. The banking and financial matters related to business apart from the participation of scientist will also participate in the forum. The participants will include representatives from Russia, Iran, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan along with the delegations from the countries close to the Caspian region including the representatives of international organizations.

The forum consists of the international conference, Caspian Exhibition of innovation technologies and Legal part where stakeholders will sign agreements, treaties, and contracts for business and cooperation. The agenda of the Forum which is also shared on its official website, the aim also is to create conditions to improve the economic prosperity of the Caspian region. GNP