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Turkish military sent medical supplies to the United States

28th April 2020 (GNP): Turkish military aircraft carrying medical supplies to the United States has departed from Ankara.

Medical health supplies, prepared in line with the instructions of our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan with the aim of combatting the COVID-19 outbreak, will be delivered to the USA this time. The health supplies prepared by the Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Health consists of masks, face visors, N95 masks and overalls.

A-400M aircraft of our Turkish Armed Forces took off from Ankara, Etimesgut to Washington, carrying healthcare equipment and personnel.

Our Turkish Armed Forces aircrafts have also delivered health supplies previously to Spain, Italy, Britain, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Libya and Somalia.

(Republic of Turkey, ministry of national defence)