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Raising tension between Beijing and Taipei

Over 70 Chinese combat aircraft trespassed into the airspace of Taiwan, which raised the tension between Beijing and Taipei and its close ally, the United States. China says that an increase in the United States' defense spending will likely pose a threat to Beijing through Taiwan.

Taipei, 27 December 2022 (GNP): More than 70 Chinese warplanes, including fighter jets and the latest technology drones, entered Taiwan airspace in the last 24 hours. Forty-three of these Chinese warplanes briefly crossed Taiwan’s Strait median line, threatening the territorial security of Taiwan as told by the Taiwanese officials to the media.

The Strait median line was drawn by US Air Force General Benjamin O. Davis Jr. in 1955 in the middle of the strait and the two countries, China and Taiwan, were pressurized by the then Dwight D. Eisenhower s’ administration not to cross it and accept it tacitly for peace.

There has been detected the heavy presence of the Chinese navy in the Strait. Taipei says that at least seven battleships of the Chinese navy are present in the Strait right now.

The Chinese Liberation Army’s spokesperson for the Eastern command said that it is China’s defense response to the provocation and escalation of the situation posed by the US and Taiwan to the very integrity and territorial sovereignty of the People’s Republic of China.

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Taiwanese Defense officials said that the combat fighters of Taiwan quickly took off to deter the intruding Chinese planes while the country’s missile defense system was on red alert for any eventuality.

However, the President of Taiwan, Tsai lng-wen, did not pinout the Chinese planes’ intrusion into the country’s airspace at the meeting with military officials of the country, but she alluded to Beijing and called for boosting up the defense of the country as the authoritarian state are continuously endangering the security of weak states in the region.

Earlier this week, President Biden signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act that approved a record funding bill of $858 billion for the Pentagon and the US Defense Department. The 45,000 pages Defense Act especially focuses on Ukraine support, the strengthening of NATO, the eradication of Captagon pills trafficking to the US mainland via Europe from the Middle East, a drug stimulant that could potentially be used by terrorists in carrying out their attacks, and the emerging threats and challenges from China.