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Pakistan faces upsurge in suicide attacks

The country has gone through 18 devastating suicide blasts in the first seven months of the year 2023.

Islamabad, 1 Aug, 2023 (GNP): Pakistan is struggling with a disturbing increase in suicide attacks, experiencing a major escalation in injuries and casualties as compared to the last year.

The country has gone through 18 devastating suicide blasts in the first seven months of the ongoing year, which resulted in a significant loss of human lives.

According to the report, approximately 450 people were injured, and 200 died due to deadly suicide attacks in the country this year. The distressing figure has exceeded the tally of suicide violent attacks reported in 2022. There was a total of 15 attacks recorded in the previous year.

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Half of the total number of destructive suicide attacks of 2023 has seriously affected the tribal district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province (former FATA). The nine lethal attacks in the region took around 60 lives and over 150 others sustained injuries, the report said.

The recent suicide attack at the JUI-F convention two days ago on 30 July was the deadliest one in the tribal area this year so far.

The report added that the center of the KPK province grappled with its share of misery with four suicide bomb blasts which claimed more than 110 lives and injured about 245 people. In those four life-threatening attacks, the Peshawar Police Line attack came out as the country’s deadliest one, taking over 100 lives.

Moreover, the province of Balochistan bore a tragic wave of suicide attacks as well, withstanding around four suicide attacks in the current year 2023. Unfortunately, 14 individuals lost their lives, and 27 wounded in those blasts.

Furthermore, Sindh encountered one suicide attack in the year 2023, which claimed 5 lives and injured 18 others, the report said.