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Israel intensifies military operations in Gaza Strip

Gaza residents face sscalating danger as Israel's military campaign persists. IDF says it is fighting in the “Heart of Gaza City”.

Gaza, 8 November, 2023 (GNP): In a grim turn of events, Israel continued its relentless offensive against the Gaza Strip as the conflict with Hamas entered its 30th day on Monday. Reports from various parts of the Gaza Strip, especially in the north, indicated large explosions, signaling the intensity of the attacks.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have announced plans to deploy additional troops to the besieged enclave in the coming hours, as reported by Israeli media sources.

The Israeli defense minister has said the IDF has broken through into “the heart of Gaza City”.
Israel has developed a range of specialist tunnel fighters including killer drones and attack dogs to take on Hamas’s tunnel network.

As per reports, robots and trained dogs have been deployed in the enclave to locate tunnel entrances and exit. Gaza City was surrounded and the IDF was operating at its heart, Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed.

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He said Israel would have “overall security responsibility” in Gaza “for an indefinite period”
In an official statement, the IDF emphasized their determination to defeat Hamas, the militant group governing the Gaza Strip.

In a fresh video message, the IDF urged civilians in northern Gaza to move south, prioritizing their safety amid the escalating conflict.

The situation remains deeply concerning, with civilians on both sides bearing the brunt of the hostilities.

International observers and humanitarian organizations are closely monitoring the developments, urging all parties to prioritize the protection of civilians and comply with international law