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​In Zhejiang and WeDoctor launched a global bilingual free consultation platform against COVID-19

26 March 2020 (GNP): At present, COVID-19 is spreading rapidly in many countries, the situation is grim. In the process of pandemic prevention and control, the Internet plays a pioneering role in the process of helping to fight the pandemic by virtue of its speed, convenience, and high efficiency. Faced with the difficulties of medical material shortage and patients’ travel inconvenience in various countries, the Internet medical model of “Online Consultation” can effectively divert patients online and relieve the pressure offline, and at the same time, provide professional expert guidance for patients, remote support for user consultation requirements.

To this end, In Zhejiang English website launches the “WeDoctor Global Consultation and Prevention Center” which supports English-Chinese bilingual languages. This platform is provided by China’s leading digital health platform – “WeDoctor”. It brings together medical resources from home and abroad and offers 24/7 real-time online consultation services to comprehensively fight against the pandemic.

The platform has extensively recruited doctors from the country’s first-class public hospitals, covering all medical departments such as respiratory, otolaryngology, internal medicine, general medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, endocrinology, cardiovascular medicine, orthopedics, urology, infectious diseases, neurology, digestive medicine, and so on. The platform provides 24/7 online free consultation, free psychological assistance, epidemic prevention tips and online consultation of traditional Chinese medicine and other services. Users can use email address or their mobile phone numbers to sign up for online consultation services by scanning the code below or clicking the link