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ICJ issues emergency orders to Israel regarding Gaza conflict

Hague, 27 January, 2024 (GNP): In a significant development, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) has issued six emergency orders to Israel concerning its actions in the Gaza conflict.

The directives, issued in response to South Africa’s genocide case against Israel, address critical aspects of the situation in Gaza and Israel’s obligations under international law.

ICJ ruling on genocide case against Israel

  • Preventing Genocide: Israel must take strong action to prevent anything that might resemble genocide in Gaza, ensuring the safety of all people.
  • Ceasing Hostilities: Israel’s military must immediately stop any actions that break international laws, especially those causing harm to Gazan civilians.
  • Halting Provocative Speech: Israel must stop any public statements that encourage harm against Palestinians in Gaza.
  • Providing Humanitarian Aid: Israel is responsible for ensuring that essential supplies like food, water, and medicine reach people in Gaza.
  • Preserving Evidence: Israel must safeguard all evidence related to the conflict, ensuring nothing is lost or destroyed.
  • Reporting to the Court: Israel must submit a detailed report to the court with in 30 days, explaining how they are implementing these rules.

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Global response supporting ICJ ruling

Pakistan: Pakistan welcomed the ICJ’s provisional measures and acknowledged South Africa’s claims of genocide as “plausible.”

South Africa: The South African foreign ministry hailed the ruling as a “decisive victory” for international rule of law and justice for the Palestinian people.

Turkey: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan deemed the ICJ’s measures valuable and emphasized the importance of holding Israel accountable for war crimes.

European Union: The EU called for the immediate implementation of the ICJ’s ruling, emphasizing that orders of the court are binding on the parties involved.

Spain, Ireland, and Scotland: These nations echoed the call for compliance with the ICJ’s measures and emphasized the urgency of an immediate ceasefire.

Iran: Iran’s foreign minister called for Israel to face justice following the ICJ’s ruling, emphasizing the need for accountability.

Hamas and Palestinian Authority: Senior Hamas officials and the Palestinian foreign ministry welcomed the ICJ’s decision, calling it a victory for international law and humanity.

Amnesty International: The human rights organization underscored the importance of the ICJ’s decision in protecting Palestinians in Gaza and emphasized the urgent need for an immediate ceasefire.