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How do Muslims now Feel Victimized to the level of Extinction in India?

Sidra Insar Chaudhary

Sidra Insar Chaudhary

Initially India and Modi were in denial mode pretending to be corona proof nation. It was after a Sadhu’s death the international statesman (Modi) with IQ equal to human body’s temp realized that corona virus is bent to prove him wrong. A SWOT analysis of Modi’s govt efforts to fight pandemic bring fore interesting and important conclusions. The actions of govt fully sp by Indian media leading to hate full acts against Muslims is the order of the day in India.

Modi’s confused and irrelevant addresses to India alleviated the levels of chaos in Indian public. So while the Centre’s response appears inept in contrast to some state governments which are prioritising communication and relief, Modi came with a brilliant idea of total lock down.

The curfew in the name of total lockdown proved to be even more dangerous than corona for 0.8 billion Indians who life story is just an effort of daily survival. Modi govt firmly believe it was elected to serve numerous billionaires and people who live in high-rise condominiums, the reality is that 80% Indians don’t have a balcony or toilet. Social distancing in the slums, where most of India lives, is a dream, not a reality.

The Modi government’s calculations turned pandemic into panic and chaos, then Muslims (Tableeghi Jamaat) came to rescue Modi and now it is ‘corona jihad’ in Narendra Modi’s hate-filled new India. The Narendra Modi government’s default mode is to seek a political win using India’s beleaguered Muslims. In India, pol parties which seek power on the back of bigotry have got a new lease of life.

Muslims across India are bearing the brunt of these communally charged statements as the coronavirus firefighting has ensured that no questions will ever be asked. The  chronology of present efforts to fight pandemic in India is: Let coronavirus hit, then spread fake news demonising Muslims.

News channels in India, which act as tame BJP force multipliers, also excel in running communal propaganda. Thousands of destitute migrants gathered in Bandra hoping to go home after a channel showed “news” that trains would start running on April 20.

All norms of social distancing were broken and then the communal spin masters tried to claim that they had gathered outside a mosque. The fact that the mosque and a temple were both near the railway station was not relevant.

This painting a target on every Muslim has led to a hospital in Uttar Pradesh putting up a board saying it will not treat Muslim patients, an economic boycott of Muslim businesses and even banning the entry of poor Muslims who sell vegetables in entire areas. The recent event in UP India has shocked the world, the event is an eye opener for the international community and especially Muslim world details of happening are mentioned in subsequent paras.

A cancer hospital in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut has published an advertisement in the Dainik Jagran newspaper that it will no longer accept new Muslim patients unless the patient and a caretaker come with negative test results for COVID-19. The hospital is a dedicated cancer hospital with 50 beds the policy advertised by the Valentis Cancer Hospital, Meerut, is marked by international media as highly discriminatory and inhuman.

This policy adopted and publicised by the hospital is a clear violation of the World Human Rights Commission’s charter of patient rights. Even according to point 8 of the charter, titled ‘Right to Non-Discrimination’,(Indian HR Commission’s charter) no patient can be denied treatment on the basis of his/her religion or illness. The matter must be propagated at national, international and Muslim world level.

Moreover a resolution in UN and OIC be moved against India to hold its communal tactics amid health crisis to appease its 80% Hindu population. The incidence provide basis of an excellent narrative to force Indian govt to grant the special status to IOJ&K as Muslims now feel victimized to the level of extinction in India.