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Highlights from Chinese Foreign Minister’s press conference on foreign policy

Beijing, 8 March, 2024 (GNP): Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, addressed questions from both Chinese and foreign media about China’s foreign policy on Thursday.

In a dynamic international landscape, Minister Wang Yi emphasized China’s commitment to being a force for global peace, stability, and progress.

Here are the key highlights from the press conference:

  • China’s Diplomacy:

Minister Wang Yi highlighted the significant diplomatic efforts and achievements in 2023, emphasizing China’s contributions to international solidarity, cooperation, and peace.

“We took steps to promote international solidarity and cooperation, and offered solutions to crises and challenges. We contributed to world peace and development, and broke new ground in China’s diplomatic theory and practice,” foreign minister told reporters.

  • China-Russia Ties:

Foreign minister Wang Yi emphasized a new paradigm of major-country relations with Russia, focusing on non-alliance, non-confrontation, and comprehensive strategic coordination.

  • China-U.S. Relations:

Peaceful coexistence is pivotal, Wang stressed, urging the United States to adopt an objective view of China’s development.

  • Palestinian-Israeli Conflict:

Wang called for immediate action to prioritize a ceasefire and support Palestine’s full membership in the United Nations.

  • China-Europe Cooperation:

Wang emphasized mutual cooperation, rejecting attempts at bloc confrontation and highlighting the benefits of openness and win-win cooperation.

  • Taiwan Issue:

Wang reiterated China’s stance on Taiwan, emphasizing opposition to “Taiwan independence” and support for peaceful reunification.

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  • Ukraine Crisis:

China supports an international peace conference and efforts to pave the way for peace talks.

Minister told the reporters, “all our efforts point to one goal, that is, to pave the way for ending the conflict and starting peace talks.”

  • Visa-Free Policy:

China announced a trial visa-free policy for several countries, aiming to facilitate cross-border travels and encourage the resumption of international passenger flights.

  • South China Sea Issue:

China will defend its rights in accordance with the law and work with ASEAN countries for peace and cooperation in the South China Sea.

  • Global Governance of AI:

Wang emphasized the need for concerted efforts in global AI governance, balancing development and security.

  • China-Africa Ties:

China reaffirmed support for Africa’s independence and announced an upcoming Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in Beijing.

  • Belt and Road Initiative (BRI):

Wang Yi highlighted BRI as a pathway to cooperation and prosperity, pledging to uphold the Silk Road spirit and enhance Belt and Road cooperation.