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Drug regulatory authority seizes contaminated Dow Chemical Propylene Glycol

Karachi, 11 January, 2024 (GNP): The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (Drap) has taken swift action to seize a batch of contaminated propylene glycol solvent, labeled as manufactured by Dow Chemical, Thailand.

This move follows concerns about toxic propylene glycol being linked to the deaths of over 300 children in Indonesia, Gambia, and Uzbekistan since 2022, with a potential connection to cough syrups.

Despite Dow Chemical, Thailand not responding to requests for comment, Drap has issued an alert and ordered the recall of any products manufactured from the identified batch of propylene glycol.

The batch, upon analysis by the Central Drug Laboratory in Karachi, was found to contain an unacceptable level of Ethylene Glycol, posing serious health risks.

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Ethylene Glycol ingestion can adversely impact the central nervous system, heart, and kidneys, leading to potential fatalities.

Drap is currently investigating the entire supply chain of this batch and has directed the recall of affected products from both local and export markets.

In its alert, Drap has also instructed the holding of finished products manufactured from any other batch of propylene glycol originating from Dow Chemical, Thailand.

This proactive measure aims to ensure public safety and prevent any potential health risks associated with the use of contaminated substances.