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Diplomatic tensions emerge between Israel and Spain over Gaza issue

Madrid, 30 November, 2023 (GNP): In recent developments, diplomatic relations between Israel and Spain have become strained following comments made by Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez regarding the situation in Gaza.

Prime Minister Sanchez expressed concerns over the high number of civilian casualties in Gaza, stating, “The footage we are seeing and the growing numbers of children dying, I have serious doubt [Israel] is complying with international humanitarian law.”

In response, Israel responded strongly, labeling the statement as “shameful” and summoning the Spanish ambassador for a reprimand while recalling its envoy to Madrid for consultations.

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The recent back-and-forth marks an escalation in tension after Spain officially criticized Israel’s military actions in Gaza and encouraged dialogue within Europe regarding recognition of a Palestinian state. Israel had previously summoned Spain’s ambassador, stating that such comments gave “terrorism a boost.”

Despite these diplomatic clashes, Prime Minister Sanchez affirmed that Spain’s relationship with Israel remains “correct,” emphasizing the necessity for friendly nations to engage in open dialogue even amidst differences.

The ongoing truce between Israel and Hamas, which has brought temporary respite, continues to hang in the balance as Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signaled that the pause did not signify an end to the conflict.

The recent escalation in tensions between the two nations underscores the complexity of the situation in Gaza.