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Biden and Trump secure nominations for historic Presidential rematch

Washington, 14 March, 2024 (GNP): On Tuesday, both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump clinched their respective party nominations, setting the stage for the first U.S. presidential election rematch in nearly seven decades.

Biden secured the Democratic nomination by surpassing the 1,968 delegate threshold, with results emerging from primary contests in Georgia, Mississippi, Washington state, the Northern Mariana Islands, and among Democrats living abroad.

Meanwhile, Trump attained the 1,215 delegates required for the Republican presidential nomination across four states, including Georgia, where he faces legal challenges regarding the 2020 election results. The primary contests occurred in Georgia, Hawaii, Mississippi, and Washington.

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After clinching the Democratic nomination, the 81-year-old Biden issued a statement criticizing what he labeled as Trump’s divisive tactics, emphasizing the choice voters face in defending democracy and preserving freedoms.

In contrast, Trump, aged 77, immediately shifted focus to defeating Biden, promising robust policies on border security and economic growth in a social media post.

During the Democratic primary campaign, Biden faced criticism from liberal activists over his stance on Israel’s actions in Gaza, leading to some Democrats voting “uncommitted” in protest.

In Georgia, Trump reiterated his claims of election fraud from 2020 and accused Fulton County’s attorney of politically motivated prosecution. He also criticized Biden’s handling of immigration at the southern border, vowing to address the issue during his campaign.