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US pledges to help Pakistan rebuild economy

America has guaranteed to aid Pakistan in overcoming its economic crisis after last year's flooding.

Washington DC, 12 January 2023 (GNP): United States’s spokesman, Ned Price has assured Pakistan that the US will support the country’s efforts to strengthen its economy and deal with the aftereffects of last year’s flood disaster.

Ned Price also announced giving Pakistan financial aid of $100 million for the recovery and reconstruction of the country’s infrastructure. This totals the US contribution to Pakistan’s relief funds above $200m.

Ned Price, while addressing a conference at the US State Department on Monday, recalled America’s efforts to help Pakistan since it’s last year’s flood crisis and how it plans to continue to do more in the future.

Since last year’s devastating floods, the US government had worked closely with Pakistan to provide funding assistance for flood response, food security, disaster preparedness, and capacity-building efforts.

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The new $100 million in funding would be used for flood protection and governance, disease surveillance, economic growth, and clean energy, climate-smart agriculture, food security, and infrastructure reconstruction. The funding also includes humanitarian assistance to support flood relief and recovery efforts in refugee-hosting areas.

Furthermore, he pointed out how the United States’ efforts to help Pakistan connected with forming the US-Pakistan Green Alliance. He stated that USA’s flood-related assistance complements its broader efforts to form a US-Pakistan Green Alliance that looks at the range of climate and resilience issues central to Pakistan’s reconstruction.

He thinks Pakistan’s recovery and reconstruction will be a continuing process in months and years ahead. Price assured that the US will continue to support Pakistan in its efforts to build a more climate-resilient future for its citizens.

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Ned Price concluded his statement regarding the announcement for additional aid for Pakistan saying that it was ultimately a decision by the IMF (International Monetary Fund) however, America certainly wants to see Pakistan succeed down the path of reform.

According to various media and news sources, a total of 33 million people have been affected by the flooding in Sindh and Balochistan. Pakistan has had a massive unrecorded death toll since last year. More than 2 million homes were destroyed along with 13% of all health facilities, with million acres of crops, eight thousand kilometers of roads and other significant infrastructure (including around 440 bridges) destroyed.