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Looking for qualified individuals for interpreting opportunities in healthcare, social services, and courts. Previous experience and training a plus. Immediate opportunities for those who have previously completed professional interpreter training and interpreting skill proficiency testing.Candidates should complete and submit the form below.


  • On-site interpreting in healthcare, social services, and/or courts
  • Abide by professional codes of ethics and standards of practice
  • Keep all appointments promptly and openly communicate completion of jobs, schedule changes, and any other information for smooth provision of services
  • Completion and prompt submission of standard paperwork for all appointments


  • Bachelor’s degree and/or experience in the field preferred
  • Previous professional interpreter training and interpreting skill proficiency testing preferred
  • Cellular phone or other means of mobile communication
  • Must be able to travel to locations throughout the Columbus/Central Ohio area
  • Availability during daytime hours preferred; nighttime and weekend opportunities also available

Please complete and submit the form below to be considered for this position.

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