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With a strong network of professional Journalists, Translators and Interpreters, Global News Pakistan (GNP), Pakistan’s leading Multilingual News Agency, providing services for the News and Translation in national, regional and international languages in order to project and build Pakistan’s Soft Image to the World. Global News Pakistan is a convenient and one-stop service for professional translation of News, Documents and Information about Countries, Diplomatic Missions and International Organisations, Government Organisations, Corporate Multinationals and Business Groups. We offer a unique network of indigenous language experts in major international languages to convey the true meaning and message to our audience and clients. The team collectively shares authenticated information therefore helps building national narrative and public opinion on several important national and international issues. The agency is proudly represented by its robust team of Editors, Language Experts, Reporter, Translators, and Interpreters. We are currently providing local and International News and Translation Services in English, Urdu, Chinese and Russian languages with a primary focus on political, economic and security developments in Pakistan and across the world, besides special focus on diplomatic, youth and women related news. If you are operating a media outlet or managing a business empire and want to satisfy your readership and clients, GNP is a perfect option to approach as it provides you services of your satisfaction.