PDM’s Anti-Government Rallies


By Shaikh Moazzam Khan

The so-called Pakistan Democratic Movement’s rallies in Karachi and Gujranwala have severely damaged Pakistan outlook and provided an ample chance to hostile state who are always looking for such kind of opportunity. After the multiparty conference of parties in Islamabad last month, opposition parties have escalated their efforts to outset Imran Khan’s government. These parties are going all out to launch scathing attacks not only against civilian government but also military establishment including Director General Inter-Services Intelligence and COAS General Qamar Javed Bajwa. This is very unfortunate and serious crime against the state. It is not wrong to say that these people should be booked under Article 6 of the constitution of Pakistan which deals with the treason.

The attacks against the Armed Forces and intelligence agencies especially by former Prime Minister is not at all in the national interest of the country. Former Prime Minister’s words go far away and can be used against Pakistani state as well. Nawaz Sharif has taken wrong path while launching personal attacks against government and armed forces. He should have think twice before levelling these allegation. Our enemies must be happy today. They achieved something which they couldn’t get despite using covert and over means. But, Nawaz Sharif given them ample reason.

At a time when Pakistan is facing external and internal challenges. Such kind of rhetoric by a former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is beyond one’s imagination. Apart from political differences, Pakistan needs unity at this stage. It cannot bear any misadventure. Nawaz Sharif’s allegations are likely to damage Pakistan’s case at upcoming Financial Actions Task Force (FATF) session where Pakistan is struggling to get out the Grey List.

Indian Media and government both are vehemently criticizing Pakistan over its treatment against non-state actors. Indian Media fully exploited Nawaz Sharif’s accusations. Since last three days, Indian Media is continuously focused on Pakistan where it is quoting Nawaz Sharif and maligning Pakistani armed forces and ISI. Indian government said that Nawaz Shairf has proven our stance against Pakistan Army and government.

Now after the anti-state tone adopted by Nawaz Sharif, the ball is in the court of opposition either it wanted to secure Pakistan’s national interests or wanted to go for political point scoring by targeting armed forces and government. If opposition go with the same narrative, government must ban PDM and its upcoming rallies where are purely against the state interests.

A few international media outlets are also using PDM’s rallies against Pakistani interests. Like, Aljazeera News reported that thousands gathered in Gujranwala to protest against the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan, as an opposition alliance kicked off a campaign it hopes will be able to take advantage of rising prices and other frustrations to overthrow the government.

Likewise, other media channels such as Tolo News, NDTV, Press TV and BBC are also terming opposition’s rallies against the government of Imran Khan where it is being projected that government has failed to provide relief to the poor people as price of commodities are rising.

Leaders from opposition parties must sit together and reconsidered their anti-government campaign. They should fight against the government in parliament not on the streets as it is hurting the social, political and economic fabric of Pakistan. They should immediately distanced themselves from Nawaz Sharif’s anti-state narrative. Otherwise it will have serious consequences for the national security of Pakistan. India is looking for such kind of opportunity where it can target our government and armed forces.

Protest is right of everyone. But it should be under the ambit of constitution. No one should cross these limits. If anything happens against the national interests of the country, government must ban that political movement. Parliament should be the forum to criticize not agitations.