Indo-Gulf Spat on Racism – GNP


In today’s world, racism and religious discrimination has found legitimacy through coercive human approach. No matter its India or any part of the European styled free world, discrimination and segregation of Muslim has been trending since 9/11. What added fuel to fire is the emerging form of hyper-nationalism against minorities. In this case scenario, India depicts the fine image of a state who orchestrates hatred and marginalization of Muslim under the shadow of BJP leadership. The divine rule of Prime Minister Modi for Hindu nationalist is blessing and curse for minorities in India. The hate amongst fellow citizen is rising. Several international actors have taken notice of Indian brutalities against Muslims. In the wake of Covid-19, Hindu nationalist accusing of Muslim being responsible for the spread of corona virus is quite an interesting phenomena to study under religious legitimacy.

Recently, taking a strict action against Islamophobia emerging from a Hindu nationalist Saurabh Upadhyay, Princess Hend Al Qasimi tweeted “anyone that is openly racist and discriminatory in the UAE will be fine and made to leave” by putting Upadhyay’s tweet as an example. After realizing that the royal crew is friend of Indians she further added that you (Indian) make your bread and butter from this land which you scorn your ridicule will not go unnoticed. The controversy broken out when Upadhyay slammed Tableegi Jamat congregation in Delhi and its connection with spread of Covid-19 using a foul language. Despite the spread of pandemic is hard to manage, but communal riots in Delhi has not gone so far. Such kind of hate speech is out of context and represents a rogue state of mind. A Saudi scholar Abidi Zahrani, meanwhile said over the hatred against Muslim that the Gulf region hosts millions of Indian, many of them are suffering from Covid-19 and are treated free of charge regardless of their faith while Hindu terrorist gangs under fascist PM Modi are committing crime against its own Muslim citizens. After witnessing this bashing PMO India tweeted instantly to calm the situation down. It said,” Covid-19 does not see race, religion, color, caste, creed, language or border before striking, By retweeting this, India’s Ambassador to UAE Pawan Kapoor said that India and UAE share the non-discrimination on any grounds. Discrimination is against our moral fabric and the rule of law. Indian national in the UAE should always remember this.

The Hindu-Muslim hatred in India is not a contemporary phenomenon. It has deeply rooted genesis in history. The love for holly land of sub-continent is both jagular vein and integral part for Hindu and Muslim. Since 1947, there has been halfhearted efforts to promote inter-faith harmony at both ends. It created a vacuum for hate mongers to excel in their agendas. In India, RSS considered to be the father of all crimes against Muslim. Interestingly, incumbent PM is life member of the organization. Under his divine leadership he has created an anti-Muslim environment. The liberal segments of the society is warning the upcoming trends in the post covid-19 scenario.

From overall perspective, cherry picking and sugar coating of different social evils in Indian society for the sake of extending Islamophobia and marginalization of Muslim has been a usual practice. The Hindu extremists have guided their followers not to buy anything from Muslim vendors and shopkeepers. Saurabh Upadhyay should tweet about the revocation of article 370 and Citizenship Amendment Act which eventually led to chaos in North East India and finally knocked the doors of Capital city, Delhi. The Delhi riots has demonstrated a true picture of hidden motive of PM Modi. It has always been a “Hindu Rashtra”. The Indian Muslim are considered as imminent threat to the road of Hindu nation. Modi has given the constitutional legitimacy to get rid of Muslim from India. Several segments of the legal fraternity have reservations over anti-minority legislation. These voices have been shunned by extremist.

After the world is done with pandemic, the Indian approach towards Muslim minority and Kashmir issue must be addressed like Princess Hend Al Qassimi has taken notice of Islamophobia and racial discrimination of a Hindu nationalist. From this episode one thing is very clear that India cannot compromise over its economic interests with friendly states like UAE. The International community has a message from Princess that there is unified state of action needed to discuss the Indian regime and its policies against its minorities, particularly Muslim. Her message also reiterated the obligation of every actor after the world wars to maintain international peace and security. There must be an end to violation of human rights before it become the humanitarian crisis in India.

By Shaikh Moazam Khan