Netherland deployment of defence in the fight against corona-virus


Deployment Defence in the fight against COVID-19

Status 16 April:

HNMLS Karel Doorman deployed to the Caribbean to support the cornonacrisis.

Use of Amsterdam naval barracks as temporary mooring for Amsterdam emergency-service vessels.

Use of Volkel Air Base by Zorgvleugels Foundation for helicopter transport of patients.

UMC Utrecht extended with 19 IC beds and equipment.

269 military medical personnel throughout the Netherlands.

21 military support staf to the national crisis structure (Zeist, Den Haag, Driebergen).

24 medical/logisitc planners throughout the Netherlands.

42 military personnel support 3 food-banks distribution centres.

Defence has made available:

71 ventilators;

2 X-ray machines;

6 anaesthesia machines;

1 mobile laboratory;

152 field beds and bunk beds for childcare and shelter at 3 locations;

10 Syringe pumps and 10 infusion pumps.

Intensification of border control and enforcement of travel restrictions and emergency orders by the Marechaussee.

Reception of asylum-seekers Willem Lodewijk van Nassau Barracks in Zoutkamp.

Deployment Defence in the fight against COVID-19 in the Caribbean

Status 16 April:

Intensification of military policing by the Marechaussee on Curaçao, Sint Maarten and Aruba.

Police duties and support by the Marechaussee on all islands.

Military personnel support construction of emergency accommodation in Sint Maarten.

Supporting the local authorities in maintaining public order on all islands.

Military personnel support the coastguard with maritime border control.

Support of the food bank on Aruba.

HNMLS Groningen supports the Coastguard with border control.

Medical military personnel corona testing team on Curaçao.

(Ministry of Defence, MCD.)