Book on culture and TV artists of 1980s of Peshawar launched


Islamabad (Monday, September 23, 2019): Renowned progressive writer, Ahmed Saleem at the launch of his new book titled ‘Peshawar ki Fankar Galliyan: 1980 kay ashry ki yadain aur batain’ lamented the attitude and behavior of the society and the industry towards women as an object. Ahmed said it is unfortunate that we use women body to sell our news-papers, magazines and other products in TV commercial advertisements. This is stark reality of our society at large, which should be denounced, he added.

The book launched was organized by the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) here on Monday at Islamabad. Ahmed said it is very difficult to get recognition in our society and the only thing that remained with you is your work.

Dr. Abid Qaiyum Suleri, Executive Director, SDPI said the book provides the evolution and development of art, culture, television and film industry of present Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, especially Peshawar, since 1980s. “The book highlights the relationship of media and society, where Ahmed Saleem, through his comprehensive interviews with the Pakistan Television (PTV) artists of 1980s, tried to present the struggle and difficulties of artists” he said. Sustainable development is firmly linked to art and literature and sustainable development cannot be realized without promotion of art and literature, he added.

Ambassador Shafqat KakaKhel, Chairperson, Board of Governors, (BoG), SDPI  said that the first part of the book recounts the memories of Ahmed Saleem and highlights his stay at Peshawar and his relations with writers, poets and television actors. He said Ahmed Saleem is no less than an institution in itself, as his literary contribution is of no match.

Zia-Uddin, General Secretary, Gandhara Hindko Board, Peshawar said that the book preserves the social, cultural, artistic, literary, linguistic and political aspects of Peshawar. He said Ahmed Saleem re-discover the hidden treasure of art and artists of Peshawar in his book, which is an excellent contribution to the literature. Barrister Iftikhar Ahmed, Political Activist and close friend of Ahmed Saleem said Saleem is no less than an artist, the way he explains and narrates the stories of his time spent in Peshawar. “I take pride that Ahmed Saleem  is my friend, as he is very humble and down to earth person who cares for others”, he said.

Dr. Mahmood A Khwaja, Senior Advisor Chemicals &Sustainable Industrial Development, SDPI while narrating different excerpts from the book said that this book has the characteristic of mystery, which keep the reader’s attention till end.

Dr. Humaira Ashfaq, Urdu Editor and Research Fellow, SDPI said that the book is social history of Peshawar, which covers the art, culture and socio-political environment of 1980s. She said Ahmed Saleem is determined to his ideology and keep his tradition alive through his writings over decades. Ayesha Ilyas, Research Associate, SDPI also present her thoughts on the book and admired Ahmed Saleem efforts for highlighting and preserving the art and culture of Peshawar.