Media has played a key role in promoting CPEC – Chinese Envoy

Seminar on "Role of Media in Promoting CPEC" organised by Centre for Belt and Road Initiative and China Studies-Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies (IPDS)


Islamabad: 7 August 2019: (GNP) The Media in Pakistan has played an invaluable role in promoting the CPEC. As a result of the Media, the understanding of CPEC and Pakistan-China relations has increased manifold. These were the remarks of H.E Mr. Yao Jing, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, during his keynote address in a Seminar on "Role of Media in Promoting CPEC” organised by Centre for Belt and Road Initiative and China Studies-Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies (IPDS) in collaboration with the External Services, Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) today.

Ambassador further said that media is contributing to the advancement and promotion of CPEC by dissemination truth to the public. CPEC is aimed to upgrade Pakistan’s society, alleviate pecuniary and other socio-economic malaise. The fundamental purpose of media is to safeguard the national interest of a state. Thereby, the promotion of CPEC is in the best interest of Pakistan that is a win-win situation for both countries.

In her introductory remarks, Farhat Asif, President of the IPDS said that over the years, media has played a significant role to advance CPEC project in Pakistan and articulate its efficacy to the citizens and explained about hosting such an important discussion.

Ms. Shaheera Shahid, Director General, Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation has acknowledged the optimistic role of media in the promotion and advancement of CPEC. It is dispensable to counter the negative propaganda aimed at undermining the success of the project and bilateral ties. The role played by the media is positive and vibrant in this regard. Benefits of CPEC will reach the grass-root level and would benefit Pakistan’s populace.

Mrs. Tang Tianru, Anchor of CPEC Time PTV said that CPEC is the flagship project of BRI. It has been observed that negative propaganda is promoted to avert this mega-project. It has brought socio-economic opportunities in Pakistan and has alleviated poverty. CPEC Time is a television program that is entirely devoted to CPEC and has over 120 million viewership in Pakistan.

Mr. Sultan MHali, former PAF officer, and current defense analyst at PTV acknowledged the Pak-China friendship and their long-standing partnership in different realms such as economy, defense. He further said that the fourth-generation hybrid warfare is trying to destabilize the bilateral ties and the media is playing an indispensable role to aware the general citizenry of Pakistan. He urged that the media practitioners must seek truth and discern fake news that is being propagated by the foes.

Outgoing DCM Mr. Zhao Lijiang, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China also was present along with from other large numbers of Ambassadors, Diplomats, Academicians, Students, Faculty members, Journalists and member of the civil society organizations.

Ms. Ayesha Khan
Media Coordinator