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UN Pakistan celebrates World Migratory Bird Day

UN Pakistan shares the dangers faced by migratory birds

Bar-headed Geese are shown in the picture above.
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Islamabad, 9 October 2021 (GNP/ TDI): UN Pakistan celebrates World Migratory Bird Day and shares that migratory birds face many dangers. They are increasingly under threat from human activity, from plastic pollution to habitat loss and the effects of the climate crisis.

Avian migration is one of the natural miracles. When conditions from breeding sites became unfavorable, these migratory birds fly hundreds and thousands of kilometers to discover the best ecological situations and habitats for breeding, raising, and feeding their young.

Migration involves a number of threats to these birds, often caused by human activates. There are various migration patterns and these threats are as diverse as people and their habits in different countries. These threats can also have a dramatic impact on the birds’ chances of survival.

This international day has a global reach, and it is an effective tool to grow global awareness of the dangers faced by migratory birds, and also the need for international cooperation to conserve them. This flying to long-distance also connects many borders between states with different environmental politics, conservation, and legislation measures.

However, it is obvious that international cooperation between governments and other stakeholders is essential along the whole flyway of a species that share familiarity and coordinates conservation efforts.

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