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Trump greet elections as ‘most important date’ in US history

Ohio, 18 March, 2024 (GNP); At a rally in Ohio, Donald Trump emphasized that the upcoming presidential election in November would be of utmost significance in American history, portraying his bid for the presidency as pivotal for the nation.

Following his confirmation as the presumptive Republican nominee, the former president also cautioned about potential dire consequences, mentioning a “bloodbath” if he fails to win, although the context surrounding this statement, made amidst discussions about threats to the US auto industry, remained unclear.

“The date — remember this, November 5 — I be­lieve it’s going to be the most important date in the history of our country,” At the rally in Vandalia, Ohio, the 77-year-old reiterated longstanding critiques, labeling his opponent, President Joe Biden, as the “worst” president. He criticized alleged Chinese intentions to manufacture cars in Mexico for the American market, asserting that such plans would be thwarted if he were elected.

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“Now if I don’t get elected it’s going to be a blood­bath for the whole, that’s going to be the least of it, it’s going to be a bloodbath for the country. That’ll be the least of it. But they’re not going to sell those cars.”

As Trump’s comment gained traction on so­cial media, Biden’s campaign released a statement calling the Republican a “loser” at the ballot box in 2020 who then “doubles down on his threats of political violence.”

“He wants another January 6 but the American people are going to give him an­other electoral defeat this November because they continue to reject his extremism, his affection for violence, and his thirst for revenge,” the campaign said, referring to the deadly attack on the US Capi­tol by Trump supporters in 2021.

Following that, Biden addressed attendees at a dinner in Washington, where he also issued a warning. an unprecedented moment in history.” “Freedom is under assault… The lies about the 2020 election, the plot to overturn it, to embrace the Jan. 6 insurrection pose the greatest threat to our democracy since the American Civil War,” he said In 2020, they failed, but … the threat remains.”

The 81-year-old, who has waved off concerns that he is too old for a second term, leavened his rheto­ric with humor. “One candidate’s too old and men­tally unfit to be president,” he said of the presidential race. “The other guy’s me.” Earlier this month Trump and Biden each won enough delegates to clinch their party nominations in the 2024 presidential race, all but assuring a rematch and setting up one of the lon­gest election campaigns in US history.

Among the is­sues Trump is campaigning on is sweeping reform of what he calls Biden’s “horror show” immigration policies, despite successfully pressuring Repub­licans to block a bill in Congress that included the toughest border security measures in decades.