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The official handle of “Twitter” engaged the big companies in one tweet

The official Twitter handle of "Twitter Company" tweeted, "hello literally everyone"

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San Francisco, 5 October 2021 (GNP): When the social media applications, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger were down. Twitter came to the rescue of netizens. The official Twitter handle of “Twitter Company” tweeted, “hello literally everyone”, to which Official Twitter accounts of Whatsapp, Instagram, Zoom, Google Play, Microsoft Teams, Viber, Reddit, Mcdonald, Adele, Burger King, Twix, Dell, Alexa, Xbox, Nike, Starbucks Coffee, and many more replied.

Zoom tweeted, “hi can everyone see my screen”; Alexa tweeted, “I don’t have hands so I’ll just say Hi five times… Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi!”; Mcdonals Canada wrote, ” how r u handling the fame”;  Whatsapp simply tweeted “hello!” and Instagram typed, “Hi and happy Monday” with a confused face emoji. A Palestinian activist took the floor to spread awareness about the oppression on Palestine.

The aforementioned social media applications crashed and were offline for few hours. Whatsapp and Instagram, are also owned by the owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. The outage was global, due to which social media users were unable to use the application on any device. Many social media users came to know about the outage through the Twitter trend such as #facebookdown, #whatsappdown, #facebookcrash, and  #SocialMediaDown.

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